Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You!

Tomorrow, we celebrate Nationally here in the United States - Memorial Day 
Previously known as "Decoration Day", it was set aside to honor the men who lost their lives in the American Civil War (1861-65).  A war that fought to end slavery in America.
Now, however, this day honors all Americans who have died in any and all US Wars.

Photograph: Tomb of the Unknowns
Arlington Cemetery -Arlington, VA

While many associate this National Holiday with bbq's and sales - I choose to remember those who fought and who died.  For me, it is not a day of celebration, but a day to give thanks to those who fought in the name of freedom, justice and honor.

Photograph: Arlington Cemetery - Arlington, VA

I tend to celebrate not with parties and cookouts - but with reverence and giving.   
Each year, I take the kids and we plant a tree or a flowering plant - it varies as to the "where" as often times planning and permission has to gained before just covertly sneaking into some park and plopping down a seedling...
but giving life back, is how I choose to celebrate "Memorial Day".

And each year, since I am so far away from where my own family members grave markers are located - we pay respects to a local veteran, whom we've never met, by leaving flowers at their grave site.

Thank you for your service.  Thank you for your honor.  Thank you for your selflessness.  Thank you for your sacrifice.