Sunday, December 21, 2008


I know, I know...
Bad Blogger!!! Bad Bad Blogger...

I have been so busy, it's been maddening... but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... or is that only dust in my eye? Hmm...

Well, first things first, my dental visit...
and my first chance to play Mrs. Claus...  (I love this part!!!!)

Dr. CutiePie is a gamer.  Now, he's an XBox360 Gamer... but I can't even begin to imagine a character from XBox that I would/could due any form of justice to via crochet...
so.. I went with SackBoy.    Pattern purchased here: SackBoy Pattern
Sure Sure.. I could have done Mario.. or PacMan (old schooled it..) but they aren't XBox either...
besides, his favorite game at the moment is Guitar Hero.. or was it.. Rock Band...
I forget...  which is why I got him a gift card for Game Stop, so he could get whatever he wanted!
Me, I just stick to my air guitar!!

And... of course, I couldn't forget Katie (his secretary/receptionist/office manager/all around go-to-gal)
Kitty Pattern purchased here: Alley Cats 
OH ... ALRIGHT, alright.
YES!! it's MY type of pressie!!!
But I don't know a single woman who wouldn't appreciate some good chocolate... and a ice-cold cup of coffee!!!  (Well, okay - but Katie likes Iced Coffee too!! - Must be a New England thang!)

Then, of course, there was the tree to decorate...

Each year, it is the one and only thing I ask for from Hubby.  I am not to much a material gal - I enjoy the simple things... and having a live Christmas Tree at Christmas is the most 'simple' and (to me) traditional.
but ... had I known that 3 more Christmas Pressies would just seem to appear overnight... I would have decorated it even faster!!!
Ain't they just the sweetest???  The 2 smaller dolls (peach and lilac) were done using a Size 1 hook using yarn.. and the larger one (pink - which is for a 3 year old) was used with a larger hook... I want to say a C hook.. 
Oh Lord, I'm having a hard enough time just remembering what I did this morning when I got up.....

that's right...
I figured, since there wasn't much else I could do.. and since my hands are hurting so very much from crocheting like a mad feind!! (There is another smaller pink fairy which is about 85% done, but still needs wings, tiara, and wand... I think I will work on that tomorrow night-talk about pushing the Christmas Eve deadline huh?)...
I started my baking.. (FINALLY!!)
This is the box of goodies went with Hubby to work this morning... and boy do they ever need the sugar rush!!! (hee hee)
There are 3 different kinds of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies ... and my own little touch, a little bit of Italy.. Pistachio Loaves and Almond Biscotti (my Nonna's recipe *grin*)
Yeah... I'm sure this was a welcomed *surprise* this morning when they all had to show up at 6AM... Yes, 6!! On a Sunday...

oh?  Did I forget to mention??  Why is it that "
wasn't much else I could do" a mere 4 days before Christmas?
Well Hubby and crew are on "Storm Hours".. which means 18hours on.. 6 off - or rest..
because it started snowing Friday afternoon at about 2:30 and hasn't stopped yet.. LOL
And you want to know the SADDEST PART...
we probably still won't have a "White Christmas"...
Tomorrow it is supposed to snow in the AM... then turn to rain and sleet by mid-afternoon...
then Wednesday night... Christmas Eve... there is a 60% chance of RAIN!!


At least I will have the piccie ...

Seasons Greetings friends..
May your holiday be bright and all your wishes come true!

Friday, December 12, 2008

How are you Christmas?

Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve,
there happened a story, you must see to believe.

Way up in the mountains, in the high rage of Pontoos,
Lay the small town of Whoville-- The home of the Whos!
Ask any Who and they'll have this to say:
There is no place like Whoville around Christmas Day.
Every window was flocked, every lamp post was dressed
and the Whoville Band marched in their Christmas-y best.
Arbor Day was fine and Easter was pleasant,
and every Saint Fizzin's Day they are a Fizz pheasant;
But every Who knew, from their 12 toes to their snout,
They loved Christmas the most,
without a single Who doubt.

Most years, it is easy to say that I could fit right in with the small town of Whoville -- well, minus the 12 toes and snout part anyway. 

Christmas cards addressed and mailed out on Black Friday.  Walking around singing and/or humming cheery Christmas music. 
Major shopping done by the end of November and wrapped throughout December.  Leaving only the tree to be dressed, the lawn to be decorated and more lights than who-manly needed, to be strung...
Each year I add more lights and/or more decorations. 
This year, I purchased 2 white lighted trees, a 'fireplace' DVD and a light show thingie that will make the lights dance to the Christmas Music.

Oh well, at least I am not stealing the light bulbs out of the refrigerator ... yet.

Then of course, there is the baking...
Now if you listen to Hubby, he will claim that the only time of year I actually 'cook' is the holidays... and that is "only baking"...

But truth-be-told, it's just his favorite part of the holidays and he looks forward to all the sweet goodness that flows from my oven (yes, all made from scratch!)  

It is the one time of year that I don't monitor his 'sweets' or give him the 'look' for over-indulging. 
It also doesn't hurt his 'status at work', that I am one of the only wives who sends in baked goods for the boys.  *grin*

Leading up to the days before Christmas, there is usually some Christmas movie or another in the DVD player or on the television.  Last night, as if you couldn't gather from my intro, 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on.. LOL
(It's one of the only movies I can stand with the over-actor Jim Carey -- because Suess is so 'over-the-top-odd' with his characters, I can't imagine "The Grinch" being played by another actor and lending the eccentric-ness needed to make the movie entertaining.)

Christmas Eve is when the girls take control of my kitchen and bake their Sugar Cookies for Saint Nic... well, they need to be soft and warm for thim..
... and while other 'good little children' are leaving a glass of cold milk or even a mug of hot chocolate; we give Santa a big ole piping hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  

After all, he is pulling an all-nighter with no one to keep him company but 8 tiny reindeer.

Before bed, the kids and I curl up in the 'big chair' or on the love-seat and read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

and never fail, each Christmas of their 7 and 8 years on this planet so far...
Santa Claus leaves plenty of pressies under the tree and one small package at the foot of their bed. 

2 years ago, he even accidentally left one of his jingle bells...
must have fallen off his toy bag, or perhaps off his suit, 

but it began a *new* Christmas Tradition: 
Last year, right before bedtime, we each took turns shaking it - as long as it jingled for us, Santa would come and answer our wish list...
but if ever it doesn't jingle, *sigh* that means either we've lost the magic of Christmas (and no longer believe) or we've been so bad that Santa is going to skip us.

I'll let you know what happens this year.. *grin*

Well, those are some of my Family Christmas Traditions...
I would be very happy to hear some of yours.