Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sharing Sunday

I have gotten so many wonderful photographs from my clients!  I just LOVE showing them off... it is just finding the time to do so - so today I am MAKING the time to do so!!

Late April, I received photos of this gorgeousness little kitty from Angela.  Although she was completely happy with the results of her finished project, I suspect her other 3 kitties were a little less than pleased with having to share the garden with Sneeze the Siamese!  Thank you Angela for not only sharing your sweet kitties with me, but for allowing me to share them with my readers!

Christiane created a sweet little Peeps as a Birthday Gift for a little girl on Election Day in France :)  How sweet and special!  Thank you for allowing me to share your sweet little Peeps with my readers.

My favorite photos have got to be kids with my doodles.  Joelien has been gracious enough to share these photos  (Since my blog is open to the public, I have blurred the photos for the safety of the child) - it just makes your heart MELT!!!  This is just so precious to see.  The giant smile with an armful of doodles and sleepy comfort that doodles can bring!!  Thank you so much Joelien for sharing your little one with me - this is truly the reason FiberDoodles exist!

... and who says boss' don't get any love?  Sara made this sweet little Bunny for her husband's Boss who had just had a baby girl at Easter Time.  So sweet!!

Thank you to all you ladies who've allowed me to share your beautiful creations with my followers.  If you would like to see your photo featured on the FiberDoodles by K4TT blog, simply purchase a pattern and send me a photo.  I love showing off my clients' work - and will always obtain permission before sharing your photo.

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