Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Doin' What I Do: Without a Net (No Coffee!)

I am finding it necessary to take frequent breaks between rounds of crocheting - which is the nicest way possible of saying..

I am a HARD-HEAD who does not listen to friends or medical professionals when they tell me to REST my wrist in order to allow the cyst to shrink.
Currently, I am working on several hookin' projects:
one to share with ya'll - you know... everyone loves em no matter how crappy they turn out to be... A FREEBIE

a semi-commissioned piece (which simply means that a very good friend asked me for a favor and who in the world would charge a friend?)
my attempt at a first *etsy sale* pattern

Ugh, designing (actually writing patterns down so that someone else can easily make what you've made) is frustrating as all HELL! I keep having to stop/start... start/stop/write.. I need to find my tape recorder!

AND an inspired piece from a previous blog entry.

Inspired by 203gow, I wanted to do a bonsai of my own for my living room. I didn't want to *copy* hers so I did a Google search on flowering bonsai and found my inspiration photo. As you can see from the photos, I still have a ways to go but it was actually very relaxing crocheting this piece thus far. The 'tree' kind of grew itself. I could not duplicate it even if someone offered to pay me highly. It's twists and turns and bends all seemed to put themselves in .. effortlessly.

Oh, yeah.. I am taking it easy... NOT

In addition to crocheting, I am going to be picking my floss back up and probably sticking myself in the finger more times than I will care to count as soon as my eBay purchase arrives in the mail.

I am sooo excited! But I just wanted everyone to know, I've not forgotten about anyone..
I am still around.. still plodding along... stay tuned for updates and goodies as I get time..
but just a warning.. today's a rough day.. NO COFFEE!!! I ran out of cream!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

There is a special bond between Father and Daughter. For Father's Day I wanted a piece that would re-create that special relationship. Daddy is the strength and infallibility she comes to count on and she will never be more of a "Daddy's Little Girl" then right now.

Dad stands on his own at about 5.5 inches high holding his precious daughter high in the air helping her to "reach for the stars".
A classic gesture of love and encouragement.

I like the longer bodies, arms and legs of the "Thread Ted" and the cheeks of the "KnotHead" and the belly of BittyBears...
so I kind of mashed those 3 patterns together to create the Dad.. adding a few rows here and there so everything was balanced.

The daughter, pfft.. (as in real life) proved to be more difficult...
the only stuffed portions of her is the head and the body to achieve her small size. The arms which are only 6 sc around are not stuffed, nor are her cute little feet and legs.

It also helps that I used baby yarn (3ply) and a size 6 hook..

The sun has not fully rose yet.. it is very overcast right now - which I am hoping will blow over..
but then I will take some better photographs of the pair and place them on my Flickr & Ravelry sites.
I've not decided what I am going to do with the pair as of yet. My original intention was to place on eBay for sale.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pardon Me... happening here.
I just seem to be one of those people who just happen to have the worst luck at the most inconvenient of times.

It all started about 2 weeks ago.
I had begun my spring cleaning.. out with the old and in with.. well, nothing..

I was upstairs grabbing laundry from the basket when I hear a loud *CRASH* which naturally made me jump 6 feet out of my skin..
It was one of those "Oh my Gawd, I don't want to know" crashes, because somewhere in the back of your mind you realize that you've just lost a boatload of money and have yet another mess to clean up.

Naturally, my first assumption was the the itty-bitty-kitty committee had broken something - perhaps hopped onto the kitchen counter and knocked over the dish-drainer...
and that I now I would have shards of glass all over the kitchen floor that would some how find their way into one of my bare feet ...

No, what I had found was that the cupboard which housed my dinnerware was no longer on the wall.

.. all my *china* was on the kitchen floor. I say China because all my plates were of oriental detail.. not actually good china.. :)
(Do not look at my messy fridge okay.. you are supposed to be looking at the gaping white space where a cupboard once stood proudly!!)

Of course, everyone was just kinda sitting around with that "I didn't do it" look on their faces..

So yeah.. there was THAT..
and as you know.. for the past few weeks (going on 3 weeks now) - I've been dealing with the issue of my desktop computer.

It's true what they say.. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.. not even your *free* security as part of a Internet Package deal. I have McAfees because I have Comcast Internet. I used to run Nortons.. but in truth they are all CRAP .. I've known my fair share of h@ck3rs and there is ALWAYS a backdoor to sneak in IF they really want in..

However, the problem is I have a self-contained Dell computer. Which means that to reformat I have to reformat from the hard-drive which is already infected.
So I am pretty much screwed!
And The Hub is being a stubborn ass about helping me with this..

"You do this, then that - then it will be done. What do you need me to do?!"

What do I need you for?? I already have the kids... and I CAN GET your money with a good attorney...
don't push it buster!

But yeah.. there's been that..
Which is funny in a way.. looking back..
I would sit for HOURS watching the Virus Scan run... why?
What was I waiting for??
Did I really expect it to rear it's ugly head and say "Hi, I've wreaked enough havoc on your computer.. I am done now.. wanna delete me? Go here and do this!"
But it was like some horrific roadside accident... you sit there helpless, but can't take your eyes off the chaos.

But through it all... through all of this chaos disorder... this drama that seems to be the instruction manual to my life..
I was trying to make the girls' birthday pressies (which still are NOT done... *sigh*) They've seen so many of them walk out the front door for other little girls.. less deserving children (okay, perhaps not less deserving.. but THEY think they deserve a doll more than some other kid.. )

I have them closer to finished than these pictures prove... the purple one.. who just appears as a head in these photos .. actually has a body with arms and one leg...
poor thing is still bald... and missing a leg.. but hey.. no one is perfect right?

I am going to try to finish them up this week..
I bought the girls a few Barbie accessories (which PALE in comparison to the PlayStation II their daddy got them.. Pfft) but hopefully this weekend..

Okay.. so to end this little titter (or is that now twitter.. btw.. what the heck is Twitter???)..
I shall leave on a happy note...
I couldn't help but to hear the Ronettes each time my mail guy would pull up to the box...

"WAIT.. Oh yes wait a min Mr. PostMan... Waaaayayayait Mr. PostMan....
Please Mr. PostMan look and see (oh yeah) if there's a letter in your bag for me..."

(Okay, a few years before my time.. but I LOVE the classics...)
Ah hah. didn't think you would come here and get the whole song and dance huh? I am just full of surprises...
and one day... so was Mr. PostMan

My Annie's Attic order had finally arrived!