Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Sugar-Tooth Day

So what exactly does $75.00 worth of candy look like?
I know that's what you were thinking when I blogged about my trip to Walgreen's last week.
Shaking your head in amazement and muttering "tsk, tsk. Foolish girl" under your breath so I wouldn't hear.
All the while thinking, "that could have been money spent on yarn or embellishments."

Well, before everything went so horribly wrong this week, and finding out about my Father-In-Law's Cancer; I had began 'helping out EB' by getting everything in order for Sunday.

Since this Easter arrived so quickly for me. (Which admittidly is my own fault, but it's a "month mind-set" - April = Easter/Father's B-Day, etc.)
I didn't think timely enough to place an order with Oriental Trading Company for all the little trinkets ('junk' as D calls it), for EB to place inside the plastic eggs he hides around the house.
I've still got to decide if we are even going to do an "egg hunt" this year as tomorrow we will be going over the 'old man's house' for "Easter with the Family".
Which is something that neither one of us are looking forward to.

It's not Pop and Mamee... it's the REST of the family we don't really care to see.

But back to more pleasant sweeter subjects..
The kids' Easter Baskets..

This year, and because of their age, each are getting a basket and a half.
The Large basket that I bragged about finding at the local Salvation Army Store for only $5.00 and was supposed to be use as Daddy's Easter Basket...

Well, that was confiscated to hold the overflow of the terror's loot (this is the ½ basket.. as each side of the basket holds goodies for each child).

The Barbie Dolls, the Barbie Outfits, the hair brushes, the Princess Diary, nail polish and Pokemon, simply wouldn't fit in their smaller 'candy baskets'.

(Well, the original idea was more toys.. less candy; but it didn't quite work as planned - as you will see.)

Then of course, there were the candy baskets...
filled with all the tooth-rotting goodness that my Dentist would just love me for... (more work for him!!)

 Don't you feel your teeth rotting as you sit there???
No worries, I am a tyrant when it comes to sweets... they will be rationed heavily..
for the kids anyway..
but as for Daddy...

Is it any wonder he was in the Dentist office?? lol

Oh... and confession time..
between you, me and the web-server here, so come closer so I don't have to shout...

I was stressing BIG TIME yesterday...
Do you see that second bag of Reese's' Pieces shaped like a carrot???

It ain't in his basket no more..


Someone Get's a Name (and a dress)

Can you believe that April is almost upon us? ¼ the year already gone and I've found myself falling behind (already) for the 2008 Holiday Season.
Yes, I'm still in Christmas mode, it's where I pretty much stay all year round.
But gearing up for a craft fair isn't something that just happens overnight oOo it takes MONTHS of preparation!

That is not to say that I haven't been getting projects done over the past 3 months. Let's just say that April & May of 2007, must have been very ... loving months.
So far, I've completed 6 baby gifts and need only to finish up the blanket of a 7th.
The Lineman Doll (OOAK) and Baby Draco are both original patterns created by yours truly.
Wouldn't you know it, The Lineman Doll is now a 'One Of A Kind' because I cannot seem to find my notes, which have probably become the background for some artsy image one of the girls has created. **I just need to type up my notes on Baby Draco.

And currently, I am working on Neleg (neh-leg); (which in Elvish means 'tooth').
She will be going to an incredibly gifted, very special man in my life; more importantly, in my daughter's lives.
No No No.. not that man..
their dentist!
While he's only just graduated dental school, he's got a chair-side manner that puts the kiddos immediately at ease. I've never seen anything like it.
Whether it's his voice or his 'way' with them, they actually want to go see the most feared of all 'childhood villains' .... 'The Dentist'
Hmm, I wonder if I can get him to get them to clean their rooms?

I will post photos of her as she nears completion.
I need to have her completed within the next 4 days.

Right now, the poor lady is bald, nakkid with only ¾ of a dress complete and an unlined pocketbook. But I am on a mission.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little Lineman Doll & Baby Blanket

Well I've finally finished up the little lineman doll and baby blanket. The little one was generous enough to allow me to borrow one of her dollies so that I could get the visual effect of a newborn baby with the items. He'll be making the trek to his new home on Monday when the Hub is finally well enough to return to work.

While I wasn't completely happy with the facial features, I think that is in part because I wanted to go with flat features and the Hub wanted a more comical look to the doll.
He was given blue eyes and the color scheme matches the colors of National Grid (the denim/navy blue, the bright orange of their coveralls and of course white). Although the harness is usually made of leather, I chose to stitch it in the orange rather than throwing in yet another color.

I was going to add the spikes to the boot, but decided against it as this is a baby's toy and not a 'knick knack'.

I've already got request to do him smaller, perhaps in thread, for some of the 'older kids' at National Grid. (This one was about 8.5 inches high)