Sunday, December 21, 2008


I know, I know...
Bad Blogger!!! Bad Bad Blogger...

I have been so busy, it's been maddening... but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... or is that only dust in my eye? Hmm...

Well, first things first, my dental visit...
and my first chance to play Mrs. Claus...  (I love this part!!!!)

Dr. CutiePie is a gamer.  Now, he's an XBox360 Gamer... but I can't even begin to imagine a character from XBox that I would/could due any form of justice to via crochet...
so.. I went with SackBoy.    Pattern purchased here: SackBoy Pattern
Sure Sure.. I could have done Mario.. or PacMan (old schooled it..) but they aren't XBox either...
besides, his favorite game at the moment is Guitar Hero.. or was it.. Rock Band...
I forget...  which is why I got him a gift card for Game Stop, so he could get whatever he wanted!
Me, I just stick to my air guitar!!

And... of course, I couldn't forget Katie (his secretary/receptionist/office manager/all around go-to-gal)
Kitty Pattern purchased here: Alley Cats 
OH ... ALRIGHT, alright.
YES!! it's MY type of pressie!!!
But I don't know a single woman who wouldn't appreciate some good chocolate... and a ice-cold cup of coffee!!!  (Well, okay - but Katie likes Iced Coffee too!! - Must be a New England thang!)

Then, of course, there was the tree to decorate...

Each year, it is the one and only thing I ask for from Hubby.  I am not to much a material gal - I enjoy the simple things... and having a live Christmas Tree at Christmas is the most 'simple' and (to me) traditional.
but ... had I known that 3 more Christmas Pressies would just seem to appear overnight... I would have decorated it even faster!!!
Ain't they just the sweetest???  The 2 smaller dolls (peach and lilac) were done using a Size 1 hook using yarn.. and the larger one (pink - which is for a 3 year old) was used with a larger hook... I want to say a C hook.. 
Oh Lord, I'm having a hard enough time just remembering what I did this morning when I got up.....

that's right...
I figured, since there wasn't much else I could do.. and since my hands are hurting so very much from crocheting like a mad feind!! (There is another smaller pink fairy which is about 85% done, but still needs wings, tiara, and wand... I think I will work on that tomorrow night-talk about pushing the Christmas Eve deadline huh?)...
I started my baking.. (FINALLY!!)
This is the box of goodies went with Hubby to work this morning... and boy do they ever need the sugar rush!!! (hee hee)
There are 3 different kinds of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies ... and my own little touch, a little bit of Italy.. Pistachio Loaves and Almond Biscotti (my Nonna's recipe *grin*)
Yeah... I'm sure this was a welcomed *surprise* this morning when they all had to show up at 6AM... Yes, 6!! On a Sunday...

oh?  Did I forget to mention??  Why is it that "
wasn't much else I could do" a mere 4 days before Christmas?
Well Hubby and crew are on "Storm Hours".. which means 18hours on.. 6 off - or rest..
because it started snowing Friday afternoon at about 2:30 and hasn't stopped yet.. LOL
And you want to know the SADDEST PART...
we probably still won't have a "White Christmas"...
Tomorrow it is supposed to snow in the AM... then turn to rain and sleet by mid-afternoon...
then Wednesday night... Christmas Eve... there is a 60% chance of RAIN!!


At least I will have the piccie ...

Seasons Greetings friends..
May your holiday be bright and all your wishes come true!

Friday, December 12, 2008

How are you Christmas?

Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve,
there happened a story, you must see to believe.

Way up in the mountains, in the high rage of Pontoos,
Lay the small town of Whoville-- The home of the Whos!
Ask any Who and they'll have this to say:
There is no place like Whoville around Christmas Day.
Every window was flocked, every lamp post was dressed
and the Whoville Band marched in their Christmas-y best.
Arbor Day was fine and Easter was pleasant,
and every Saint Fizzin's Day they are a Fizz pheasant;
But every Who knew, from their 12 toes to their snout,
They loved Christmas the most,
without a single Who doubt.

Most years, it is easy to say that I could fit right in with the small town of Whoville -- well, minus the 12 toes and snout part anyway. 

Christmas cards addressed and mailed out on Black Friday.  Walking around singing and/or humming cheery Christmas music. 
Major shopping done by the end of November and wrapped throughout December.  Leaving only the tree to be dressed, the lawn to be decorated and more lights than who-manly needed, to be strung...
Each year I add more lights and/or more decorations. 
This year, I purchased 2 white lighted trees, a 'fireplace' DVD and a light show thingie that will make the lights dance to the Christmas Music.

Oh well, at least I am not stealing the light bulbs out of the refrigerator ... yet.

Then of course, there is the baking...
Now if you listen to Hubby, he will claim that the only time of year I actually 'cook' is the holidays... and that is "only baking"...

But truth-be-told, it's just his favorite part of the holidays and he looks forward to all the sweet goodness that flows from my oven (yes, all made from scratch!)  

It is the one time of year that I don't monitor his 'sweets' or give him the 'look' for over-indulging. 
It also doesn't hurt his 'status at work', that I am one of the only wives who sends in baked goods for the boys.  *grin*

Leading up to the days before Christmas, there is usually some Christmas movie or another in the DVD player or on the television.  Last night, as if you couldn't gather from my intro, 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on.. LOL
(It's one of the only movies I can stand with the over-actor Jim Carey -- because Suess is so 'over-the-top-odd' with his characters, I can't imagine "The Grinch" being played by another actor and lending the eccentric-ness needed to make the movie entertaining.)

Christmas Eve is when the girls take control of my kitchen and bake their Sugar Cookies for Saint Nic... well, they need to be soft and warm for thim..
... and while other 'good little children' are leaving a glass of cold milk or even a mug of hot chocolate; we give Santa a big ole piping hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  

After all, he is pulling an all-nighter with no one to keep him company but 8 tiny reindeer.

Before bed, the kids and I curl up in the 'big chair' or on the love-seat and read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

and never fail, each Christmas of their 7 and 8 years on this planet so far...
Santa Claus leaves plenty of pressies under the tree and one small package at the foot of their bed. 

2 years ago, he even accidentally left one of his jingle bells...
must have fallen off his toy bag, or perhaps off his suit, 

but it began a *new* Christmas Tradition: 
Last year, right before bedtime, we each took turns shaking it - as long as it jingled for us, Santa would come and answer our wish list...
but if ever it doesn't jingle, *sigh* that means either we've lost the magic of Christmas (and no longer believe) or we've been so bad that Santa is going to skip us.

I'll let you know what happens this year.. *grin*

Well, those are some of my Family Christmas Traditions...
I would be very happy to hear some of yours.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Needing a little Christmas Spirit..

What I actually needed this morning, was one of those 1-800 'Don't Beat your Kid to a Bloody Pulp' numbers.

I think that the stress of the holidays is really getting to me.
I've got so many things to do, and it seems like so very little time in which to get it done.

I am battling with an online company at present (do NOT buy from after they charged my credit card some $600.00 for something that was only in my shopping cart.  (I was comparison shopping between like 4 different online stores... had things in carts to see total prices)... next thing I know, I get home and check my email for something else completely.. and there is a "Thank you for your order" sitting there...
Now they claim, that although I told them 5 days ago to 'cancel the order' (that I never actually placed); they've mailed out the merchandise.
Which means that $600.00 worth of funds are tied up either for the next 30-60 days (going thru cc and disputing charges) or until they refund (if under 30 days).  So needless to say.. that's got me a bit... miffed.

I've got 3 of the (now) 4 needed dolls crocheted .. (3rd needs to be sewn together) which all need to be ready by Friday (vacation time is a wonderful thing, isn't it?)..
I've gotten done both of the Dental Office Christmas Pressies...
But have yet to start on the Tree or Candy Cane covers for the girls' classrooms..
Not to mention getting Hubby's Lineman Doll all done in time for his Christmas debut (since I missed the birthday one.. as it was YESTERDAY!!)

I've got about 30 dozen cookies to make next week...
along with several cakes...

a tree to decorate... which ... don't even get me started on 'Why do men ALWAYS go for the biggest tree on the lot????'.  
Every year, I feel like I am in a Christmas re-run of 'Home Improvement' ... and I swear, if Hubby starts 'grunting'... I'm gonna take a vacation in one of those buildings where they give you those ever-so-fashionable tight little white jackets and strap you in your bed at night.

so if all that isn't enough...
as I've went wayyyyy off the deep end into unchartered areas of information...
there's the issue with my oldest daughter..
I love her to pieces.. truly adore her... honest

but, there are times like this morning when (forgive me) I wonder why I ever had children!
She is at that age where she's going to try 'new things'..
good things... bad things...  

Now, I can't stand a liar..
Never could.  Not even lies for the 'good reasons'...
I would rather have someone tell me I look like crap.. then spare my feelings and allow me to leave the house looking like something that belongs in a bad B movie.

Well, she lies about EVERYTHING...
the color of her eyes...
the weather...
If you ask her a question.. more than likely, the answer you get will need to be verified.
I've been told this is a childhood phase.. and she will sort of ... outgrow it..
(or at least learn how to really lie so it isn't so obvious that she is lying.)

I was finishing up a crochet project last night..
so I called into her...
"Homework done?"
"Not yet Mommy, I'm working on it."

No reason to suspect that she's lying...  after all the television was off.. and she was 'working on some papers' that came home from school when I'd visually check on her.  She's doing her homework...

Well, due to misbehaving earlier yesterday morning (and because they each gave me issue about going to bed the night before)... both girls had lost 30 minutes - early bedtime.. *grin*

So here we are, 7:30 with an 8pm bedtime...
"Homework done?"
"Room clean?"
".. long pause... and "no...... (in that kid voice that just makes you want to rush right in and clean it up for them)"
"Well, you're burning up tv time.. clean up your room."
"owwww, .... k" 

Now, television is the devil's invention...
it's makes you fat - lazy and steals all your creativity...
yeah.. I know, I can't live without it either.

But as far as the kids... I don't care if they miss a night of Total Drama Island.. or SpongeBob Squarepants (okay, so they are really not allowed to watch such nonsense - I was trying to make a point).  
Needless to say, neither child got their 'tv time' last night as it would seem that dinner had slow-motion pills mixed in with the pasta gravy.
Homeworks and cleanups took both kids right up until 8pm to finish up.

So this morning, I wake...
My cat is in heat AGAIN...
The wind blew over several lawn ornaments and a few plants...
It's dark and gray outside...
I am still wallowing in animosity from yesterdays' shopping.. outing... 
and it's one of those days where you just want to stay buried underneath the covers until about noon.
and.. my child just didn't want to get out of bed either..
(she is so NOT a morning person... she gets it honestly... *blush*)

I grab up her papers from her dresser (her homework, which should have already been downstairs in her backpack) toss her clothing to her and bark at her to "get up and dressed and come downstairs for breakfast"...
and make my way downstairs to get their backpacks together and begin the morning 'school routine'.. which involves way too many "you're gonna be late for the bus" statements.

I notice that 1 of the 3 pages of her homework, isn't done!!!

So, I tell her that she's lost her television privileges for the night.. and to get her little butt in high gear so she can get her homework done...

Well, this entry is already getting too long...
but.. the 'other child'... in her 'best younger sister annoying-but-ever-so-helpful way' reminds me that not only should Big Sister's tv be gone for the night, but also her DS and that she should have an early bedtime.
Meanwhile, I'm getting the attitude from hell.. like it was MY FAULT she lied and got punished...
She's sitting at the kitchen table with a blank stare on her face, not finishing her homework.. not eating... just staring... or was that glaring...
and there's only 20 minutes until it's bus time.


it was THAT kind of morning...

and now I am off to shower and go see the Dentist..
Squeezing my fat rear-end into jeans that are probably a size too small so that he doesn't have to see me yet again in the same old sweatpants (I swear that man is one day going to believe I only own 2 pair of pants and both are black and frumpy.) 
The going for a walk in the drizzle with the wind slapping me in the face...
I don't want to go...
but I rescheduled last week's appointment to today...
and I don't want to reschedule again on such short notice..


oh and... did I mention that I've not wrapped anything yet?????


If you have a little Xmas cheer you are not using...
mind sending it my way???
I will certainly put it to good use.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Wintertime almost always brings a smile to my face. Now, I know, many people just don't like the cold... the snow.
But me, I could have a constant steady snowfall from November until January. Perhaps that is what I liked about living in Alaska.

But it's not just the weather, it's also the 'Season'.

November brings Thanksgiving.. a time to pig out (and not feel guilty) and have an excuse to enjoy a slower pace - you know, sit down to a family meal and enjoy the moments and shared time.

December of course, Christmas. Nothing on this Earth compares with seeing my children's face light up with the realization that Santa has echoed their Momma's year long praise and dropped off a boat-load of toys. Just the smells of Christmas makes my heart lighter and gives me more peace than any other time of the year.

Finally, January... and the promise of a new year and a fresh start.

Well, to start off the Season properly.. in the spirit of 'giving'...
I am proud to introduce and share with you

Xue the Snowflake

Sz 10 White Crochet Thread
28mm or 1 1/8" plastic ring
Tiny amounts of Polyfil
Starch or Stiffening Agent (*I used diluted glue)
Sz 9 Thread Hook
Small magnet (if using for fridgie)

Body: Working in rounds, begin by Ch2, 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook.

Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3: (sc, 2sc in next st) around (18)
Rnd 4: (sc in each of next 2 sts, 2sc in next st) around (24)
Rnd 5: (sc in each of next 3 sts, 2sc in next st) around (30)
Rnd 6: (sc in each of next 4 sts, 2sc in next st) around (36)
Rnd 7: sc in each sc around
Rnd 8a: working in front lps only of Rnd 7, hdc in next st, in next st (dc, ch12, slst in 4th ch from hook, ch 5, slst in 5th ch from hook, ch 4, slst in 4th ch from hook and into the slst space of the first picot created, slst in next 3 chains of beg ch 12, ch 5, slst into the top of dc, dc in same st as first dc, hdc in next st, sc in next st, in next st sc, ch 6 sl st in 4th ch from hook, ch 5 slst in 5th ch from hook, ch 4 slst in 4th ch from hook in the unworked 2 sts of chain and in top of sc, sc in next st, hdc in next st) around
**creating 6 large fingers (red) and 6 small fingers (green)
Rnd 8b: working in the unworked back lps of Rnd 7, (sc in each of next 4 sts, sc next 2 sts together) around (30)
Rnd 9: (closing up the back working in both loops of Rnd 8b) (sc in each of next 3 sts, sc next 2 sts together) around (24)
**insert ring
Rnd 10: (sc in each of next 2 sts, sc next 2 sts together) around (18)
Rnd 11: (sc in next st, sc next 2 sts together) around (12)

** using the smallest amounts of polyfil, stuff lightly - just enough to create a slight puff to front of snowflake.

Rnd 12: (sc next 2 sts together) until hole is as closed as you can get it. Finish off and hide unused tail of thread.

As with most thread objects, using either heavy starch or a stiffening agent (like glue) apply to the snowflake fingers only and pin in place.
Allow to dry.
Embellish with beads, color thread, etc.


(¯`·._(_.·´¯`·._.» Copyright «._.·´¯`·._)_.·´¯)

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love my hubby... I really do..

He's gonna be seeing the real thing,

... if he keeps his crap up.

A very dear friend of mine shared with me this pattern she designed and I just had to make it for hubby.

Of course, I made this a few days ago and merely needed to sew it together and give him some eyeballs - but after this past weekend...

let's just say...

If hubby complains one more time about the amount of money I spend on crochet patterns and materials; while he spends $60.00 a week on XBox 360 games, he's gonna come face to face with the real deal!
*wicked grin*
And yes, he did fall in love with him.
Infact, he took him to work with him this morning.. lol...
not exactly a character you want to have around while you are working on high-voltage wires tho...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Illness, The Old Man and Me

Thank you all so much for all your kind words and prayers.
I assure you that I am o'kay. (Health and Mental)
The stress that I am feeling is not from the 'loss' per se, but more from trying to be there for my MIL and Hubby.

My little bought of 'depression' has semi-passed... it has it's moments of creeping back in, mostly when I am tired... which seems to be more times than not here lately.
But I have been keeping my mind and hands VERY busy.

The news on FIL's sister is that she did pass at around 1:30am (this morning) and that FIL's brother was on his way to see Pop when I spoke with my MIL at around 11:30 today.
Then Pop will find out his sister has passed.

Although these are probably the last few days Pop has left (and since my son will be returning home to his Father on tomorrow) Hubby and I made the tough decision to NOT go see the old man as a family.  Hubby will go over tonight for a little while - but the kids, no.
He did not feel strong enough to go to dialysis today and he's still 'leaking' which has caused the home health nurse to put on some type of bag so that he doesn't feel wet.
Of course the major concerns at this point are how he will take the news of his sister's passing, keeping the risk of infection (from the dialysis port AND the hole in in stomach to remove fluids) to a minimum and the fact that it will be a total of 4 days between dialysis treatments (assuming he does go on Monday - his usual dialysis schedule is Mon-Wed-Fri)
Here's the old man...  (My FIL & MIL)


Well, my son leaves tomorrow.. so chaos here today..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crocheting Tips & Tricks from K4TT

I can't begin to count the number of times I have finished a second doll arm or foot, only to find it is slightly smaller than the first.

It's not hard at all to do! Your hand will naturally begin to fatigue as you work and thus, pull stitches tighter; creating a 'smaller' finished item.

One simple and effective way to making pairs more identical, is to start both at the same time. Working a few rows on one and then on the other until both are completed.
You can compare sizes often and easily maintain accurate gauge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hazy, Hot & Humid

It's summertime, summertime - sum - sum - summertime...

Summertime, you either love it or hate it, I guess. Well at least that's how most of my friends feel about the topic.
As for me, I am kinda on the fence about it. That is to say, I love to hate it - I guess... or I hate loving it.. take your pick.

I hate the humidity... that's for sure.
And while I live only minutes from the beach; I don't do the whole tanning/swimming thing.
Now I know what you are thinking... 'Yeah.. cause you've got natural olive skin.. Italian *five letter expletive*'

No. My mother is actually Sicilian and 'blond/blue'... I've got the whole dark hair and eyes thing... but I have my mother's skin..
I've just never been into the whole baking in the sun for hours to get that 'Thanksgiving Turkey' glow...


And I don't dare go into water that I cannot see my feet in... never, ever, never.
Hubby loves to fish.. freshwater & saltwater.. do you know what's in there? Well, I do.. and it's amazing..
(Sorry... almost broke into the MONK theme song there for a minute... aren't you glad I restrained myself?)

So anyways..
back to the whole Summer Bash-ing thing here..

The other thing that I totally cannot stand about summer... well, in the summertime air.. I am not a very happy hooker..
Trying to work with yarn is like.. trying to run through quicksand with weights on. Well, okay, perhaps it's not quite that bad and I am exaggerating a little... but the yarn certainly doesn't slide effortlessly through your fingers as it would on a cool October night..
And, as you know, I've got to keep my fingers in both yarn and thread... or one is gonna suffer greatly.

But summertime does have it's redeeming qualities for me.
My second favorite thing to do...
Getting down in the dirt.. playing like a 7 year old again..

Gardening gives me an excuse to get my hands dirty, muddy... filthy... to get up close to worms and other nasty little things that women my age are suppose to run in fear from. All this pleasure.. without guilt... without anyone looking at me weird...
cause damn it.. I am GARDENING!

I must admit, this summer I've not been able to dedicate myself to my garden as I have in past years. I must struggle to find time to simply water it most days. In fact, the last few days I have cheated and used the sprinkler as a 'heat-relieving child's toy' and 'a gardener's watering can'.
But I try very hard to pamper the few babies I have this year.


Two of my favorite Thai dishes call for this.. a lot of this... so I've got 7 outdoor plants and 2 seedlings started in my kitchen window.
Gra Pow or "Holy Basil ".

Each started from seed back in April, these are my pride and joy...
and quite honestly, usually picked over quite a bit more than they've been used this year.
None the less, you can never have too much basil in your Gai Pad Gra Pow (okay, okay.. Thai Ground Chicken) and I can never have too much of it growing in my yard.

I've even got it growing in my entry way... the smell of this plant is so, invigorating...
I just love walking out my door and catching a whiff of it... just makes me feel alive.

And no self-respecting Italian would have a spice garden and be caught dead without at least 1 plant of Italian basil. Well, ya'll knew it had to be in there, and while it isn't used half as much as the Gra Pow, it's always mandatory to have on hand for sandwiches and gravies.

as well as...

YUP! maters...
Although, I think I've been most disappointed in my tomato yield this year. Surely I have myself to blame, but I believe the weather or perhaps the soil has played a part as well. I mean, here we are almost the last week in July and I've yet to have one 'mater sammich'!!
It just isn't summer without a nice thick slice of Beefsteak between 2 toasted slices of white... dressed up with some mayo, salt n' pepper...
mouth is just watering now thinking about it.

And I am not the only one in the family who enjoys playing in the dirt... although at their ages, it's sort of expected.
The beautiful sunflowers at the beginning of this post belong to my daughter(s). Okay, I am not sure which one... shhhh...
Around Mother's Day, the classroom did the whole 'Plant a Sunflower Seed for Mom and make a Card' Mother's Day gift thing... well ...
that little stalk of green grew into an almost 7 foot thing of beauty.
She is so proud...

And finally.. my little 'Zen Garden'
Complete with Buddha and wind chimes..

This is where I go when I say that I am going outside or I have gone outside for a ciggie.
I can just get so lost in the lush greens ...
the 2 evergreens are the newest additions... which is why they look a little... haggard...
I often take half dead plants that people are ready to ditch, and try to give them a second chance at life.
The beautiful evergreen in the center... well 2 years ago.. it could have made a guest appearance in a Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You!

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings and wishes I received.

The best birthday present in the world is to be remembered by wonderful friends and family, like you!

Today was pretty quiet.
I did the norm...
Took care of the old man, played with the kids, cleaned and tried to find time to do a little hooking.
D had to work until 7 this morning, then had to go back in at 4pm... (we had to stay "quiet" to allow him to get some sleep before going back in on 'Storm Duty' for the night) ... lol
D wants to try to celebrate my birthday this weekend... Mother Nature - pfft!

I wanted to be able to share with you some photos that I got back on Saturday...

The photo above, I actually took back in November/December of 2007.

And it's not nearly as... ummm... obscene as it may first appear.

It's just a little ole' doggie bone.
It was originally intended as a toy for a friend's small dog... but once I completed it, I became concerned about it's weight.
The amount of polyfil needed to fill out it's shape actually made the piece quite heavy. Well, a Toy Poodle or Border Collie wouldn't have had issues; but the TeacupTerrier it was intended for ... well, let's just say, I think the bone could have easily out-weighed the dog. *giggle*

I will reattempt this project using thread and see how that does.

So there it sat there on my WIPFIS (work in progress / finished items shelf), until it was spied by another member of the family and quickly nabbed up...


Nope... the "Ox" didn't lay claim to it...
it may be a little surprising as to who actually did...


Uh huh... well he looks content.. and you see the claws?!??
You want to tell him it wasn't meant for him?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was bored..

While sitting in the waiting room of the hospital... I had nothing better to do but to crochet.. lol
I was actually working on something else, but after losing my place for like the 10th time... I started on Punkin...

While the photo is NOT the best.. it's the only one I have or could have..

You see...
Before Punkin was even completed... with it's little paws and finger embroidery and what I wanted to add .. a little brown stem at the top of her head and some lines (making her look more like a little pumpkin) she was snagged by my best friends' daughter...


Now I am making a Dragon..
well.. I started working on the dragon in the hospital.... not finished with all the details yet and haven't been able to touch it.. but .. just showing off my latest little one... :o)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Humphrey the Humpback Whale

Well, okay, so it's not such an original name for a Humpback Whale...
I was going to name him Hubert after my eX, but seeing him complete, he just looks too adorable to strap him with that name.
Not sure what I am going to do with Humphrey. I was going to give him to the elderly gentleman that I care for and who loves all things nautical.
However, when I showed Humphrey to him, he began to tease his 2 Golden Retrievers with it, as if it was something purchased for a buck or two from the local Petco.

Ah, yeah, well he was a bit toasted..
and I don't think he realized that it was made by me.

Either way, here he is in all his glory...
sitting on the WIPFIS (Work In Progress/Finished Items Shelf).
Humphrey's pattern was a 'Pay It Forward'
gift from a wonderful etsy designer named edafedd. Her patterns are so easy to understand and complete, that I now own ALL her designs and have recommended her highly to all my crocheting friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Sugar-Tooth Day

So what exactly does $75.00 worth of candy look like?
I know that's what you were thinking when I blogged about my trip to Walgreen's last week.
Shaking your head in amazement and muttering "tsk, tsk. Foolish girl" under your breath so I wouldn't hear.
All the while thinking, "that could have been money spent on yarn or embellishments."

Well, before everything went so horribly wrong this week, and finding out about my Father-In-Law's Cancer; I had began 'helping out EB' by getting everything in order for Sunday.

Since this Easter arrived so quickly for me. (Which admittidly is my own fault, but it's a "month mind-set" - April = Easter/Father's B-Day, etc.)
I didn't think timely enough to place an order with Oriental Trading Company for all the little trinkets ('junk' as D calls it), for EB to place inside the plastic eggs he hides around the house.
I've still got to decide if we are even going to do an "egg hunt" this year as tomorrow we will be going over the 'old man's house' for "Easter with the Family".
Which is something that neither one of us are looking forward to.

It's not Pop and Mamee... it's the REST of the family we don't really care to see.

But back to more pleasant sweeter subjects..
The kids' Easter Baskets..

This year, and because of their age, each are getting a basket and a half.
The Large basket that I bragged about finding at the local Salvation Army Store for only $5.00 and was supposed to be use as Daddy's Easter Basket...

Well, that was confiscated to hold the overflow of the terror's loot (this is the ½ basket.. as each side of the basket holds goodies for each child).

The Barbie Dolls, the Barbie Outfits, the hair brushes, the Princess Diary, nail polish and Pokemon, simply wouldn't fit in their smaller 'candy baskets'.

(Well, the original idea was more toys.. less candy; but it didn't quite work as planned - as you will see.)

Then of course, there were the candy baskets...
filled with all the tooth-rotting goodness that my Dentist would just love me for... (more work for him!!)

 Don't you feel your teeth rotting as you sit there???
No worries, I am a tyrant when it comes to sweets... they will be rationed heavily..
for the kids anyway..
but as for Daddy...

Is it any wonder he was in the Dentist office?? lol

Oh... and confession time..
between you, me and the web-server here, so come closer so I don't have to shout...

I was stressing BIG TIME yesterday...
Do you see that second bag of Reese's' Pieces shaped like a carrot???

It ain't in his basket no more..


Someone Get's a Name (and a dress)

Can you believe that April is almost upon us? ¼ the year already gone and I've found myself falling behind (already) for the 2008 Holiday Season.
Yes, I'm still in Christmas mode, it's where I pretty much stay all year round.
But gearing up for a craft fair isn't something that just happens overnight oOo it takes MONTHS of preparation!

That is not to say that I haven't been getting projects done over the past 3 months. Let's just say that April & May of 2007, must have been very ... loving months.
So far, I've completed 6 baby gifts and need only to finish up the blanket of a 7th.
The Lineman Doll (OOAK) and Baby Draco are both original patterns created by yours truly.
Wouldn't you know it, The Lineman Doll is now a 'One Of A Kind' because I cannot seem to find my notes, which have probably become the background for some artsy image one of the girls has created. **I just need to type up my notes on Baby Draco.

And currently, I am working on Neleg (neh-leg); (which in Elvish means 'tooth').
She will be going to an incredibly gifted, very special man in my life; more importantly, in my daughter's lives.
No No No.. not that man..
their dentist!
While he's only just graduated dental school, he's got a chair-side manner that puts the kiddos immediately at ease. I've never seen anything like it.
Whether it's his voice or his 'way' with them, they actually want to go see the most feared of all 'childhood villains' .... 'The Dentist'
Hmm, I wonder if I can get him to get them to clean their rooms?

I will post photos of her as she nears completion.
I need to have her completed within the next 4 days.

Right now, the poor lady is bald, nakkid with only ¾ of a dress complete and an unlined pocketbook. But I am on a mission.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little Lineman Doll & Baby Blanket

Well I've finally finished up the little lineman doll and baby blanket. The little one was generous enough to allow me to borrow one of her dollies so that I could get the visual effect of a newborn baby with the items. He'll be making the trek to his new home on Monday when the Hub is finally well enough to return to work.

While I wasn't completely happy with the facial features, I think that is in part because I wanted to go with flat features and the Hub wanted a more comical look to the doll.
He was given blue eyes and the color scheme matches the colors of National Grid (the denim/navy blue, the bright orange of their coveralls and of course white). Although the harness is usually made of leather, I chose to stitch it in the orange rather than throwing in yet another color.

I was going to add the spikes to the boot, but decided against it as this is a baby's toy and not a 'knick knack'.

I've already got request to do him smaller, perhaps in thread, for some of the 'older kids' at National Grid. (This one was about 8.5 inches high)