Thursday, September 23, 2010


When I was a wee little girl, holidays were always a source of sheer joy!  Whether it was giving out handmade Valentines to classmates or making a Hand-Print turkey for Mom's fridge; holidays were always magical and exciting.

Probably the 2nd favorite holiday was Halloween.  Unfortunately, candy couldn't hold a candle to Christmas, with Santa's bounty of wishes and surprises under the tree.  But when I was a child, Halloween meant sugar highs and handmade costumes.  It was a time when you didn't have to run to the store and purchase the newest high fructose delectable .. a candied or caramel apple or popcorn ball was just as appetizing as a Snicker's bar.

It was a safer time, when neighborhood Moms would ban together, kids in tow - Dad's minding the Candy (well, there were a few Dads who couldn't be trusted with the candy, so Dad would have to walk with the Moms... but that's another story huh?)  Houses would be decorated with all manner of witch and ghost and every house along the route would look forward to receiving the onslaught of monsters, clowns and royalty.   In fact, the worst part of Halloween was checking out the 'bag-o-loot' and finding that 1/3 of it were either the mints, like the type your Grandmother carried in her purse.. or .. Candy Corn.  .. the "adult  candies "...

Now. . . I know there are those of you out there who may enjoy Candy Corn... but did you when you were 6?  Okay Okay...
Well, I didn't. Candy Corn was the only treat in the bag which could still be found in the candy bowl 2 weeks later... long after the Atomic Fire Balls, Lemonheads, Gobstoppers, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Pixy Stix, Now & Laters, Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes, Necklaces, Buttons and Bottle Caps were gone.
Hee Hee..
brings back memories huh?  It does me..

But back on task here.. 
I have always had a mental block and physical distaste for Candy Corns... even though, when you stop and think about it - they symbolize Halloween.  
So, time to find some redeeming quality in a candy that  I've hated for more than 30 years...

Introducing Little Corn, who with a Size G hook and standing about 6 inches high, is enough to impress even this Candy Corn Hatin' gal.  He is only available with the purchase of his much larger cousin  - CD Candy Corn

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scratching His Way Out

This rowdy little fella can't wait to get into the shop and into your hands so that you can work him up for that special little cub in your pride!

He's been scratching and pacing in his file for 2 full days now..
A few more photos, and he will join the rest of the K.I.S.S. Zoo at FiberDoodlesbyK4TT

*Sadly, I have a few more 'pieces' of K.I.S.S. critters (Koala, Bee, Hippo and Elephant) to finish up on and then I will most likely be putting the K.I.S.S. Series away until after the Holidays... 
I've not run out of ideas, mind you...
.. but I've got a basket full of neglected Doodles who would like their debut in the shop as well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Definately NOT Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

The people have been busy directing me as to 'what K.I.S.S. Series critters should come next'.  I have a slew of  Littlest Pet Shop pets and Little People animals which have magically appeared on my nightstand or desk or bed over the past few days..

Imagine my surprise when I had finished the Reindeer with his bright red nose and showed to the kids - only to have them scoff at my attempt..

"Well ... what is wrong with the reindeer?  I thought it might be nice for Christmas" I said..
Sternly, the youngest begins... "Momma, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer isn't a real reindeer!  There is no such thing as a reindeer with a red nose!  That's just silly!!"

"ummm... okay?!?" I said puzzled..  "what about the song?"

This is when the older chimed in, which a slight patronizing tone... "Momma, it's a song, it is make believe - it's a story for babies!  Rudolph is only a cartoon character that they made a song about.  Santa Claus doesn't need a reindeer with a light up red nose to find the house!!  Besides, red doesn't glow in the dark that well."

"I stand corrected...  "

Santa, Fact of Life -
Flying Reindeer, part of the whole Santa gig...
... Red Nose Reindeer... Fairytale

From the mouths of babes.. eh?

Of course, you are more than welcome to make this K.I.S.S. Reindeer with a red nose if you would like...  

Just don't tell the People!

K.I.S.S. Series Reindeer should be up later this evening in the FiberDoodlesbyK4TT etsy store, with the K.I.S.S. Lion being added later on this week.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Treasury Features Lu

The Devil Made Me Do It by Treasury Curator : SnacknSnooze has elivated Lu to "Featured" status..
as if his odd little red head wasn't already big enough..

Lu continues to make Momma proud.  Thank you SnacknSnooze for considering Lu in your Treasury List.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Checking In ...

Well the People went back to school on Tuesday *yeah*...
okay, so it wasn't that eventful... I do miss them when they are away at school - - -
it's one of those "grass is always greener.." things I suppose.

They are excited!  New friends, old friends, new teachers, familiar staff.. a new swing set on the playground.. and a personal message from the school principle the night before 1st day...
so yeah.. happy kids...  (they actually got up at 3:50am to get ready for the 8:15am bus... )
and happy Mum.. since I am finally able to concentrate on writing up all these patterns.

I have been very busy over that past 2 days getting patterns written up and put into pdf format for sale in my etsy shop - the K.I.S.S. Zebra will be available tomorrow (9/9/10) - I just need to add the photos.

Additionally, I was asked (after completing Dawn Toussaints' CAL) if I would do one..
after much consideration... I WILL be doing a CAL in November!  
So make sure to keep watching the blog!

I've got a few specials which I am considering - such as for Christmas Eve.. when you purchase a pattern, the same pattern will be eMailed to the friend as a GIFT. 

Just a few things I have had mulling in my brain over my summer hiatus from actively keeping everyone up to date...


So I was just checking in tonight and I wanted to give a shout out to Goldibug :o) especially since she was so kind to give me a blog award...


7 Things About Me... (that you may/may not know)

1) My best friend(s) who I share ALL my secrets with, have fur

2) I love to watch video games for the 'storyline' and have already pre-ordered Halo Reach (although I personally won't play the game)

3)  I often sit on my back porch, with snow falling in my PJs and a Snuggy™

4)  I was a "Hooters Girl"

5) I believe in Ghosts, 'unknown "monsters" ' and aliens (although, I find most people's claims to be unbelievable)

6) I have a great deal of respect for spiders, bees and ants - although I do not like to have them near me.

7) I never intended to become a crochet designer - thank you to my testers (DR, DW, LE and KS) for the push into the field.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 Down - - - ??? To Go...

My children are my biggest source of inspiration - and my biggest supporters .. even if I don't want them to be... :o)

By that, I mean, when they see me hard at work on a crochet piece, they constantly interrupt with a "Mommy, what are you going to make next?"

Mind you now, I've barely got 2 legs and a body done and they are already onto the next piece... 

Now usually I say something like, "I just got started on this one - sheesh, I've only got 2 hands!"  which has them scurry away for a little bit...  
But if I was to say ... "I'm not sure." or the dreaded "I haven't thought about that yet." I am bombarded with suggestions.. and what's worse - half their collection of stuffed animals.  At this point, I think my room has more of THEIR stuffed animals, than their own rooms do.  From Build-a-Bears to Beanie Babies and everything in between...

I must giggle though - they are so supportive and proud of me.. it just fills me with pride!  
These 4 critters have been tested and are currently being typed up for sale in the FiberDoodles by K4TT shop.

Monkey, Zebra, Giraffe and Piglet.
Simple Stitches to include: slip stitches, chain stitches, single crochets and half-double crochets

Young children, toddlers and infants should ALWAYS be supervised when playing with this type of toy.  There may be small pieces that a child can dislodge and there is potential for ingestion or aspiration injuries.  Check all toys periodically for breakage and potential hazards. Broken toys can develop small parts which may present the potential for ingestion or aspiration injuries. A toy that cannot be repaired should be thrown away immediately.   Please remember to use a yarn which is safe, as young children are likely to put toy in their mouth.