Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Boo Makes His DayBoo

Ha Ha, couldn't resist...

Baby Boo with his little Pumpkin made his debut in the FiberDoodles by K4TT etsy shop late last night.  This frightfully adorable little ghost is perfect for the office, kitchen decor or just to keep your little one company while watching their favorite Halloween spooky tale.

The pattern is written so that those who are familiar and comfortable with making jointed dolls, can easily use this technique to make Boo pose-able (legs and arms) or have him in the static standing position.  

Listed as "Intermediate" and under the heading of "Scupt gurumi" - Boo's hardest feature is the detailing of the chubby cheeks area.   If you've wanted to try one of my Scupt gurumi pieces, but thought it a bit too detail oriented, this is the perfect pattern for you to get your feet wet with.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 New in the Shop

I managed to get the 2 KISS patterns up today -  (which I've been trying to blog about for the past 45 mins.. hee hee)
The anticipated KISS - Sad Donkey is available now on Etsy

in addition to the little KISS Ghostie

I will be working this evening and tomorrow morning to get Baby Boo w/Pumpkin ready for sale on Etsy in addition to completing the Scarecrow Bag (the Pumpkin Bag is complete) ready to release on this blog for this weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

(Wo)Man Does Not Live by Iced Coffee Alone...

Which is apparent from my brief hospital stint for dehydration...

As some may know, or may not know, I have been battling "walking pneumonia" for about 3 wks now.  I say battling, as apparently, I am losing the battle and this bug is/was kicking my butt!
Finally back home with hooks and yarn, I am able to get back to work..

Here is what's coming up..
(WARNING: rough photos ahead) ...

All will be available in the next few days -

KISS Ghostie  (which although being released a *bit* late, only takes a few hours to make, so there is still plenty of time for your Halloween Needs)

Harvest Goodie Bags (Pumpkin and Scarecrow) will be released later this week (probably this weekend) on this BLOG as the next *free* pattern and are perfect for small treats.

Baby Boo w/ his Little Pumpkin : BB as we call him around here, is about 10 inches tall and frightfully adorable!  Perfect for your haunting decor or for your little one to cuddle up with while watching all their Halloween tales.

KISS Sad Donkey - The next KISS installment to the Best Friends Series (you know which one I mean). 

and the boxes..

hmm.. well, the boxes..

One box is filled with Toys for a local Women's Shelter for their Christmas needs this year.  In addition to the Cat Blankets which I showed you earlier this year in Pause 4 Paws - (which has 40 more pads for a total of 60, now to start crocheting mice, birds and fish toys..oy!) - there are 50 stuffed KISS and Plush doodles ready to go for the holiday needs of children who's lives have been uprooted by domestic violence.  I am still hoping to get another 25 done for the local police department...

Now, the other box...
Although I stopped taking custom orders to accommodate the Holiday charity needs for the 2011 season; these are some requests that I have been asked about on etsy.  The finished items of such favorites as the KISS Lamb and Bunny as well as the KISS Sock Monkey and even 1 complete set of the KISS Friends will be offered up in my etsy shop for your holiday needs.  So those who've been asking for Finished Items - here's your chance to get one before the holidays. I will begin listing these items next week.