Monday, February 27, 2012

JellyBean & Peep Ready for Sale

Ready for your purchase - JellyBean and Peeps

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Remember, you can sell what you make from paid patterns - this now includes selling your finished works in your etsy shops!

Each pattern is complete with Bunny and Bonus Egg;  is written in English, using US Crochet Terms.  Patterns are sent in PDF form as an attachment to the eMail address that you have on file with PayPal, within 24 hours of your payment. You will need an Adobe Reader, or like software to view written materials. You can visit to find out more about Adobe and it's products.

JellyBean  (Basic/Non-Dressed) - Beginner
JellyBean (Dressed) - Advanced Beginner

Peep - Advanced Beginner

* * * Crocheted as directed with F hook, models which have been produced are approximately 21 inches tall. However, depending on your crochet style, this measurement may/will vary. * * * 

Materials Used in Model(s):

Red Heart® Classic® WW 4-Ply Yarn in 0336 Warm Brown, 0313 Aran, 0311 White, 0365 Coffee, 0774 Black, 0334 Buff, 0322 Pale Yellow, 0724 Baby Pink, 0530 Orchid and 0668 Honeydew

poly-fil fiberfill
Size US F5/3.75mm crochet hook (US)
Crochet Needle for sewing
Long Straight Pins for positioning

JellyBean (undressed) = $5.20USD
JellyBean (Basic/Dressed) = $5.80USD
Peeps = $6.20USD

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Due to the format and ease in reproduction, patterns are non-refundable.

All patterns are sold in good faith. Every effort has been made to ensure that all instructions are accurate and complete. FiberDoodles by K4TT cannot, however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes or variations in individual work. If you should find any errors that you feel need attention, please notify me.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jellybean & Peep

The pdf's are all written up for all 3 bunnies (Peep, Jellybean dressed and undressed) and just awaiting the photo shoot. 
I had hoped to have at least Nakid Jelly up tonight for sale - but I would rather have all 3 up at the same time to avoid confusion and ensure that you are able to purchase the item you want and not have 'regret' ("oh I should have bought the dressed one!").

But.. believe me, I think you will be surprised at how quickly they work up - you will have plenty of time to get these lovely's done in time for the Easter holiday.

And because Barb asked/commented on it yesterday ... I thought I would give you a preview of another design that will be hopping in later on this week. (who measures about 12 inches in height) 

**please pardon our tails and pins and bad lighting.. he has been off to the tester, but not completely sewn together yet

and of course the Duckling you saw a glimpse of last week and I am going to try to get one more in the spring collection out before the end of the week - "Lovey" - so we will see :)

I am going to take a deserved break tonight and watch Lord of the Rings, curled up with my big baby next to me - that would be the dog - as it is a 5am wake up call after a "week" of vacation.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doggie Update & Jellybean & Peep...

Well, the little man came home Wednesday but then was back in the hospital on Thursday.. poor bugger!!
Swollen and sore.. at both ends.  It had been a real challenge to keep him from licking and scratching -  the amount of damage to his neck area doesn't allow for a collar of any sort and usually, in altering situations, you want to use an "e collar" which prevents the animal from licking and infecting the surgical area.
In a matter of seconds and while he was napping - a simple itch had torn at least 2 stitches from his neck and re-opened the surgical area.  Flying in the car, breaking speed limits (kidding) but back to the vet's office (with our dinner getting cold on the kitchen table).

It was back to the office this morning to have the drain tube removed, so his wound is much 'nicer' and not so gruesome to look at.  He's healing up nicely and he should be able to have the remaining stitches removed in about another week.  :)
I love our vet's office... that much I can say!  The Doctor is one of those ole' fashion docs who still makes house calls when needed! 
The boy had his surgery, for both the altering and for the wound, boarding, and all the medications and pain pills.. and less than $350.00  (Where I live, most vets in the area easily charge double for just the 'altering'! not to mention any medications that may be needed afterwards)  The emergency follow up, that interrupted dinner, no charge and today's visit was only $35.00  Yes, a vet who actually cares about the animal and not the profit line.  LOVE IT!  I wish everyone who views my blog could go to this office.  

So anyways.. it's like 24/7 babysitting (since he cannot wear a protective collar to prevent scratching)  I've had a real hard time getting much done.

JellyBean the Bunny you were able to see on my last post - 
Well, JellyBean has a female friend named "Peep"  and she's nearly ready also, so I thought along with the update, I would also update you with some PICTURES!

JellyBean and Peep each stand at an impressive 21 inches tall!  Big enough to tag along behind your little one and help search for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday or just cuddle up under the blankets with and watch a favorite movie.

JellyBean will be made available in 2 separate patterns 1 dressed and 1 as seen in the photos above/below.
Peep's pattern will be dressed only (however purchasing Jellybean undressed and changing to lighter colors could give the appearance of a 'girl' bunny)
The dressed versions will be slightly more advanced containing slip stitches, surface stitches, long single crochet stitches and a version of the  "invisible decrease method". 
The undressed version is simple stitches throughout the pattern.
A simple project which can be completed in a few hours for the advanced crocheter or a day or two for the beginner.

It is my hope to have all 3 up by tomorrow evening - but at latest, all 3 will be available on Monday the 27th of February.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

StREssFuL DaY!!

More was planned for the day than actually got done!  Unless you count sitting at the hospital for 3 hours productive...

Our 9 month old Ultimate Mastiff (113lbs) and our 7 year old Bull Mastiff (130lbs)  had a scuffle Sunday over who would eat what and when.  Now anyone who has had large (unaltered male) dogs know, there is no compromise when these 100+ pound giants get a thought in their heads.  And.. although the youngster had already eaten his dinner, he thought he could take on the old man and go for seconds.
Obviously, the old man had a difference of opinion.

(the "Old Man")

It wasn't until yesterday morning - a holiday morning - that we discovered that the scuffle was more like a bar room brawl and that there was actually wounded on the field.
I noticed a (to me, large) puncture wound, mere inches away from the jugular vein of the younger male.  
My next door neighbor's daughter is a vet tech, so we called her up to see if the battle wound warranted an immediate trip to the Animal ER, or if it could wait until this morning.


Well, the long and short of it is that we should have went last night!
Tonight, the poor pup is sleeping in a cold steel crate at the doctor's office.  By the time we had gotten him to the hospital this afternoon, infection had set in and due to his size (and probability of irritation/soreness) the vet needed to sedate him in order to flush out the wound.
To make matters worse (at least it will seem worse in his eyes)... since he was under anesthesia anyways  (Mastiffs and anesthesia do not play well together) ... 
it was decided that we'd have his manhood stripped from him as well.  
So as long as there are no complications during the night (which means, yes a very restless night for me - just as if one of my furr-less children were in the hospital) junior should come home tomorrow . . .. .. well most of him.

Needless to say that is little drama took up quite a bit of time today - so I was unable to finish up work on the "KISS Jester" for Mardi Gras; which consists of photographs and pdf layout.  But I will work on it tomorrow morning and hopefully have 3 patterns ready for this weekend.  (I hate doing it this way, as I would rather space them out, than have many at once). 
But once you meet JellyBean (the Bunny), you will understand why I wanted Peep released at the same time :)

P.S. - I have updated the EULA section of my blog.  Please take a minute to read through it, I am sure it will make a few people happy to see a policy change!