Saturday, February 27, 2016

Buster the Bunny - Now Available on

New for 2016!
Buster the Bunny is a little tyke, but he's ready to go hopping down the bunny lane with your little one this Easter - looking for all those brightly colored eggs hidden around the grasses and bushes of your backyard.
Buster is the perfect size for little hands to hold on to, yet works up lickity quick!

On sale now, for 24 hours only at an introductory price!!  So pick him up tonight, at this special price and work up a whole herd of little hoppers by Easter!

Purchase Buster the Bunny Crochet Pattern on

** WARNING ** Young children, toddlers and infants should ALWAYS be supervised when playing with this toy. There may be small pieces that a child can dislodge and there is potential for ingestion or aspiration injuries. Check all toys periodically for breakage and potential hazards. Broken toys can develop small parts which may present the potential for ingestion or aspiration injuries. A toy that cannot be repaired should be thrown away immediately. Please remember to use a yarn which is safe, as young children are likely to put toy in their mouth.


Materials Used in Model:

Red Heart® WW 4-Ply Yarn in 0512 Turqua, 0235 Lemon, 0311 White and 0312 Black
Size F/5-3.75mm Crochet Hook (US)
Filling for Plushies (fiberfil or similar)
Yarn Needle for Sewing
Long Straight Pins for Positioning

This pattern is written in English, using US Crochet Terms.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yarn & Pantyhose = Easy Life

One question that I am asked CONSTANTLY, since everyone pretty much knows I have a zoo in my home, is:  "How do you keep your yarn clean?"

Even with a craft room devoted to my art, stray pet hairs can and will travel and eventually, will find their way into my sacred place.  Or what about when I don't want to be alone in my room hooking and want to hook while watching the hub and the kids play the latest video game or watch the newest movie on the tube?  What... do I kick the furrkids out?  There's still cat hair and dog hair on everything - no matter how well you clean, it's still there.. waiting for that one stitch of dark clothing to cling to!  (you know it does!)

Nope - there's an easier way. 

Now you all know I store my yarn in clear plastic bags (like the kind that you used to get newspapers wrapped in).  But my working yarn also gets a home..

That's right!  There's Katt, re-purposing things again!  That is so not what they are intended for! 

Knee High Pantyhose work GREAT to keep your yarn clean while you are working on a project AND if you need to wash it for any reason... like say your 200lb beastie accidentally spills a half full cup of coffee on your almost brand new skein of White Red Heart Super Saver just because the mailman has the audacity to knock at the door so you can sign for a package...  I mean, not that has ever happened; but merely as an example *grin*

You just knot up one end and toss the skein into the washing machine :)

So simple:

 And you can keep the labels on if you fear you may forget the color's name you can see thru most shades of pantyhose!

 I hope you find this tip helpful and remember to follow FiberDoodles by K4TT on Facebook for more tips, upcoming events, sales and freebies.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Yarn Industry is Trying to KILL the IndeDesigner

Okay, they aren't really ...
But as a designer is it incredibly frustrating to find the perfect color to use, work up a pattern - place it out there for the buyer, only to have a few months later to get
"the color you listed has been discontinued, what can I use?"

And I am sure the buyer is just as frustrated and fearful the color change will not make the finished product look like the pattern they purchased.
Or even worse, a pattern calls for a yarn which you can only purchase online and the shipping alone would be enough to scream!

The Yarn Industry is concerned with profit.  They are not concerned about 40 or 400 people liking any particular shade of yarn, when they are making tens of thousands of skeins of yarn each month. Colors which are not in demand simply get dropped - most times without any advanced warning (in fact, the only warning we may get is "for a limited time" stamped across the outer package.).

Recently, a referral to a client (see the Doodled by You page DOES work!), requested a finished item for which one of the colors had indeed been discontinued. Usually, I can recommend a substitute without hesitation because I have my little cheat sheet bookmarked.
But on this day, I was drawing a blank - couldn't find my bookmark (after having to change my usual browser) and actually had to go to Red Heart's website and do some actual looking around to answer my client's question.

So, lesson learned - this website is NOT common knowledge

and I wanted to share with you all, my cheat sheet:

While it's not a 100% perfect solution - there are some gaps in the website with discontinued yarns, leading to another discontinued brand of yarn (so you may have to search again... and again)... it is close to perfect (at least in my opinion) ..

unless of course, you have an yarn encyclopedia of knowledge in your head... 
or just have a love-affair with fiber and don't care what sort of yarn you use.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

TAC - Have Yarn, Will Travel

One of the most frequently asked questions that I have seen in recent months has been
"are crochet hooks allowed on planes?"

And with all the chaos going on all over the world - the question is valid.  But no matter how many times I have seen it answered, it is one of the questions that is constantly asked, because it varies from location to location.

The best answer is that for the most part, crafting supplies ARE allowed on most airlines, trains and buses, although your usual materials may need to be changed slightly.

- Crochet Hooks & Knitting Needles are, by most, considered non-lethal; but an overzealous security agent could make your departure a nightmare should they wish to view your crafting hardware as anything other than just crafting essentials.  
Aluminum Hooks and Knitting Needles may not 'fly' with security, so opt to take with you plastic or wooden alternatives (crochet) circular needles (knit) to work with in during the actual flight/ ride.  (pack your aluminum hooks/needles in your checked bag if you wish for hotel hooking.)

- Your cutting tool will be the biggest hassle that you will face.  Scissors are considered a weapon - not only are they sharp, but most come to a point that can 'stab' just as effortlessly as a dagger.  Many pointy scissors and any scissors with more than a 4in blade are banned from commercial flights.  As are the Pendant Yarn Cutters - which I don't understand, but hey, I don't make the rules - I just have to follow them, like you.  

But there ARE alternatives.
A small pair of NAIL CLIPPERS work GREAT!  It's what I use even when NOT traveling.  You can also opt for a pair of your toddler's safety scissors or even travel size dental floss (there's a blade in there to cut the floss!)

But you can do everything 'right'.  You even called ahead and made sure your airline/ train/ busline, allows your items - but if you get a Security Agent who is having a bad day -  well, you may just lose all your carry on crafting materials!!

My suggestions:

- DO NOT put your most expensive hooks/needles in your 'carry on' bag.  Purchase cheap alternative hardware for your crafting needs that you can live with, but if confiscated, won't break your heart.  Besides, how many of us have (at least temporarily) misplaced a hook in our own homes?  and you are out and about??  ... with the excitement of visiting new places or old friends?  Leave the good stuff home!

-  Keep your crafting materials together in a 'craft bag' (even if it's ziplock).  Security is more apt to allow your items when they can see them in relation to their usage.  
Scissors in your purse.  A crochet hook holding your ponytail in a bun.  A few cakes of yarn shoved in the bottom of your bag - that doesn't look like a serious crafter.  Keeping them all neatly together, showing pride and care in your craft, is more likely to allow your items safe passage with you.

- Always be kind an courteous when dealing with security.  There is no point in giving someone an attitude because they are trying to keep YOU safe. 
 If they question a craft item, politely let them know that you called/checked the regulations prior to bringing your materials and that you believed that your items were acceptable and can they offer suggestions for 'understanding the limitations better' or what alternative item would be better in the future.   And even if you know you are "right", the fine print says 'at agent's discretion' - so it's not wise to argue the point with them - you are not going to win.  At best, you are even more upset, frustrated and annoyed - at worst, a loss of a few dollars of materials turns into a loss of a few hundred dollars of a ticket and you having to find a new ride to get to where you are going.
- If the agent REFUSES to let your crafting items on with you, don't FIGHT!  Yeah, it stinks and you are bound to have a long travel without your distraction; however, with shoe-bombers and people who have no problems with crashing a travel vehicle - it's security's job to error on the side of caution.

Another alternative would be to catch up on your craft related reading.  Purchase a copy of the latest publication from your favorite crafting magazine.  Brush up your knowledge of new stitches with a "stitch encyclopedia".
I have known plenty of people who've had no issues getting their crochet needs on a plane with them, and even more who've had no issue on trains and buses.  BUT, I have heard of a FEW though that have had their items confiscated or have had to throw items away because they were not allowed. 

Courtesy and Common Sense go a long way when traveling and dealing with security.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Complimentary Pattern for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!  But this FREE project from FDbyK4TT is versatile enough to enjoy whenever you want to spread a little love!

You can find Pattern Details here: FDbyK4TT on Facebook