Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day

with a taste from HOME!

It's probably been 20 or so years since I've actually lived in Maryland.. but it's been about 12 since I've been back for a visit or vacation.   And every so often, I begin to miss the things that I recall from my childhood.

So, this year - for Mother's Day; the hub wanted to plan a weekend trip 'home' for me.  Sadly, his work interfered, and he's on "beeper duty", which means he has to remain no more than 45 mins away from the office.  Maryland is a 9 hour drive.
Hmm... so what is a loving hubby to do?

Bring HOME to me..  (Maryland delivers?)

I had to laugh...  (my 'Uncle', who lived right behind me as child; was a crabber - and I used to live, breathe and grow tired of blue crabs)...  but, I was almost afraid to open the container to see what was lurking under the lid...
I didn't know if there would be live pinchers ready to grab me..

He'd learned his lesson after bringing me home live lobsters for steaming a few years ago on my birthday, (I refused to eat them after my children gave them all names and played with them on the kitchen floor for 20 mins) these little tasty crustaceans were steamed and ready to be eaten!  I just had to wait for the littlest one to get home so that we could dig in.  (My eldest daughter doesn't like seafood - yeah, I think she was switched at birth or something... and the Hub... he's had MD Crabs the last time we had gone to Maryland.   But the little one.. she wasn't even born the last time we were home!)

..and THAT was the best Mother's Day gift.
oh, the steamed crabs were yummy and such a wonderful surprise...
but the memories of watching my daughter enjoy her first crab, was priceless!

I hope each of you Moms out there have a beautiful Mother's Day - full of memories, laughter and LOVE!


K4TT said...

I received an eMail from a reader asking what all the thumbnails were in the photo collage..
Starting at the top lefthand corner and working around clockwise:
1) The Hard Rock Cafe down the Harbor
2) The "Circle" in Dundalk, where the guys would bring their hot rods to show off (and were I developed my 1st crush - a guy who owned a vette).. lol
3) The Inner Harbor
4) Black Aggie Statue - well, not really, but when I was a kid, I accepted a dare to go sit in her lap and was told it was "Black Aggie"
5) Ocean City Sign (Spent more than a few summers at OC - miss Thrasher's fries and feeding seagulls while they flew)
6) Swallowtail Butterflies photo from Gunpowder State Park (haven't seen a swallowtail since moving further north!)
7)Memorial Stadium - which was later replaced by Oriole Park at Camden Yards.. but my first baseball game, watching Eddie Murry & Cal Ripken was at Memorial Stadium/I've never been to Camden Yards
8) Maryland State Fair Grounds (Timonium, MD)
9) 10Pin Bowling. Every Sunday night.. it was league night!
10) Ann's - Glen Burnie, MD staple!! Miss chili cheese dogs!!
11) Dundalk Water Tower - I used to go to a skating rink close by - seeing the tower, reminds me of my roller skating days - the rink has been long gone!
12) The State Bird - The Oriole
and of course, the green house in the middle is where I grew up (for the most part - Overlea was my Nona's house, who left it to my Mother) There was a snowball stand right down the road! Miss the old time stores with PENNY Candy (which was more a nickle than a penny - but none the less!)

Most everything I grew up with is gone - or has been modernized and is unrecognizable to me now :( An area I spent a great deal of time in, Fells Point and Hammerjacks are mere shadows of themselves ...

Connie said...

Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with us. Sounds fun, I love the East Coast.

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