Tuts & Errata Sheet


Difficulty Levels:

Beginner – Crochet Projects for first-time crocheters using basic stitches and minimal shaping.

Easy – Crochet Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitches, simple sewing, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

Intermediate – Crochet Projects using a variety of stitches, multiple color patterns/changes, more advanced shaping and finishing.

Experienced – Crochet Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques, non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks, detailed shaping and/or refined finishing.

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"The Language of Fiber" - Are you BiCraftual?  Do you CIP?!  Have you ever dealt with Yarn Barf? Do you even know what I am talking about ?  This Tutorial can help translate common Crochet Jargon into everyday English.
Parenthesis, Brackets, Repeat - Oh My! - Reading patterns and understanding the (non)alpha-bet characters used.  It's all about the shortcuts!
"KISS Series/Pillow Pal Limb Tutorial - There's never a "wrong" way in crafting - only a different way!  This Tutorial shows how I (personally) attach the limbs for such favorites as the KISS Series & Pillow Pal line.
"The Basics (Yes, Really!) - New to Amigurumi Crochet? Just want to learn the "FiberDoodles" version of 'Basics' - then this is the tutorial for you!
Download this FREE TUTORIAL
"I Like To Move It, Move It!" - Want another method for creating that Join to have movable legs and arms?  Check out my latest tutorial, on how the method I use to join my doodles.
Download this FREE TUTORIAL
"When Words Fail, Photos are Best" - How can you make clothing, without making a whole outfit?  Produce 'layers' and create depth, in a few easy steps.  Or just get visual help for for doodles like JellyBean and Cluny.
"HELP! My Crochet Looks Like Swiss Cheese" - Have a project which makes use of BLOs (back loops); but hate the gaps and spaces it leaves you?  Here's how you how to get rid of those gaps.
"I Hate Chain Starts" - Have a project which needs a chain start but hate the gaps and spaces it leaves you?  Give this tutorial a look and see if it helps.
"Simple Long Stitch" - Want the look of fingers or toes, but don't want to crochet each individual piece?  Maybe a Long Stitch can create the look you are going for.
"When Round Things go Flat" - So how do you go from working in rounds to having rows while at the same time cutting your crocheting area in half?  It's simple and I'll show you how.
"Tips/Tricks: Matching Limbs" - Tired of making the perfect amigurumi with one arm.. or foot.. or horn..  smaller than the other?  A simple, yet effective 'tip' to help you keep all your parts uniform.
If you have a suggestion, or there are instructions in a doodle that you'd like to see a tutorial about; send me an eMail and let me know!


FiberDoodles by K4TT takes great care to make sure all patterns are free of typos and pattern errors. Each pattern goes through careful editing and proofreading, with several pairs of eyes checking the patterns before it is ever released for the public.

However, even with all the care that is taken, it sometimes happens that an error slips through. My testers are also designers, and it has happened that they have understood a direction or stitch without it being labeled or written correctly. Please forgive me any error you may find.

Much gratitude to the crocheter(s) who alerts me to needed corrections. If you find a problem with a pattern you have purchased or downloaded for free; and don’t see it listed here, please send me an email at fiberdoodles [at!] gmail.com so that it may be corrected for future reference.

Kindest Regards,

Lu the Amigurumi Devil Pattern

___ Rnd 1: of Eyelid should read 6 NOT 8
*When pattern was updated in 2/2012 to new format, somehow this instruction was accidentally changed. Previous versions contain the correct instruction.

Morris the Moose w/Pinecone Pattern

___ Rnd 23: of Leg -  SHOULD read: with Warm Brown

Regis the Reindeer Pattern (Thank you Miek)

A typographical error was detected in the nose of Regis - Rnd 2 of the nose, the end count should read 14 not 11 - all stitches are accurate only the 'count' was written down incorrectly.

Baby Boo w/Pumpkin Pattern

___ Rnd 25: of Head -  SHOULD read: sc in ea of nxt 12 sts, 3 sc in nxt st, sc in nxt st, Inc in nxt st, sc in nxt st, 3 sc in nxt st, (Dec nxt 3 sts tog) twice, 3 sc in nxt st, sc in nxt st, Inc in nxt st, sc in nxt st, 3 sc in nxt st, sc in ea of nxt 12 sts (46 sts)

K.I.S.S. Angel Pattern (Thank you Jo)

___ Rnd 26: of Body - SHOULD read: sc in ea of nxt 9 sts, Dec nxt 2 sts tog, sc in ea of nxt 14 sts, changing to Aran on lst st (24 sts)

K.I.S.S. Giraffe Pattern 

Round Errors brought to my attention.  Ossicornes  reads Rnds 1, 2, 3, 4, "3", 6 - this obviously should be a "Rnd 5"
and Tail reads Rnds 8-9,  Rnd to ROW 30 - SHOULD read:  Rnds 7-9 & Rnd 10 to ROW:

Qinling the Giant Panda Cub (Thank you Elisa)

___ Rnd 11: of Paw/Arm -  SHOULD read: [sc in ea of nxt 4 sts, Dec nxt 2 sts tog] 3 times (15 sts)

Halfpenni the Hammerhead (Thank you Theresa)

___ Rnd 18: of Body -  SHOULD read: sc in ea of nxt 17 sts, (Inc in nxt st, sc in ea of nxt 4 sts) twice, Inc in nxt st, sc in nxt 18 sts, Dec nxt 3 sts tog, sc in ea of nxt 5 sts, Dec nxt 3 sts tog (56 sts)

Snuggle Bug (Bug & Blanket Set ONLY) (Thank you Stephanie)

___ Rnd 41: of Head/Body -  SHOULD read: sc in ea of nxt 22 sts, (Dec nxt 2 sts tog) twice, sc in nxt 7 sts, (Dec nxt 2 sts tog) twice, sc in ea of nxt 7 sts  (40 sts)