Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was bored..

While sitting in the waiting room of the hospital... I had nothing better to do but to crochet.. lol
I was actually working on something else, but after losing my place for like the 10th time... I started on Punkin...

While the photo is NOT the best.. it's the only one I have or could have..

You see...
Before Punkin was even completed... with it's little paws and finger embroidery and what I wanted to add .. a little brown stem at the top of her head and some lines (making her look more like a little pumpkin) she was snagged by my best friends' daughter...


Now I am making a Dragon..
well.. I started working on the dragon in the hospital.... not finished with all the details yet and haven't been able to touch it.. but .. just showing off my latest little one... :o)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Humphrey the Humpback Whale

Well, okay, so it's not such an original name for a Humpback Whale...
I was going to name him Hubert after my eX, but seeing him complete, he just looks too adorable to strap him with that name.
Not sure what I am going to do with Humphrey. I was going to give him to the elderly gentleman that I care for and who loves all things nautical.
However, when I showed Humphrey to him, he began to tease his 2 Golden Retrievers with it, as if it was something purchased for a buck or two from the local Petco.

Ah, yeah, well he was a bit toasted..
and I don't think he realized that it was made by me.

Either way, here he is in all his glory...
sitting on the WIPFIS (Work In Progress/Finished Items Shelf).
Humphrey's pattern was a 'Pay It Forward'
gift from a wonderful etsy designer named edafedd. Her patterns are so easy to understand and complete, that I now own ALL her designs and have recommended her highly to all my crocheting friends.