Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In-Formal Introduction to Palmer

Palmer has been hanging around my house for about 3 weeks now (the first 3 photos/collage are from May 6th).  There was just something about him that wasn't right and it just had to be corrected before he could make his official debut.

So, I did what I always do - I gave it 24 hours..
and then .. 48..
The poor guy has gone through 3 names ...
but I sent off the pattern to my associate for testing.. but told her.. don't finalize.. there is something wrong with Palmer.. 
and then it hit me..
and then Palmer became a reality!

In the pouring rain this morning - I snapped a few photographs of this majestic bird because, I had to have his introduction done and ready by 9:59am Easter Standard Time - TODAY. 

Palmer the Bald Eagle will be available to YOU, either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning - I am just needing for Mother Nature to cooperate a little bit to finish up with the tutorial photographs.

and then Palmer (seen here) will get a larger flag and take a trip down the East Coast, to his forever home.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely STUNNING! This majestical eagle is a piece of art!! The wings and tail feathers are so graceful! The beak is perfect! The flag is also beautiful, great stars! Claudia

Entwined Essentials said...

Love Palmer, such a good one!

Joelien said...

He is beautiful! He's so majestic, but so cute at the same time. And the flag is just awesome!

K4TT said...

Palmer IS ready to go - I am just too exhausted tonight to write everything for the listings..
So, he will be available tomorrow for you - perhaps we might see some Bald Eagles in time for Memorial Day?

Anonymous said...

He is just beautiful!! You are so very talented!!!!

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