Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 - It's the End of the World!!

I am sure that by now, just about everyone has heard of the Mayan Calendar and it's proposed prophecy for December of this year...
hmmm.. all I can say is, "Oh Gosh, I hope not.."

But, this year is a Sun's Solar Activity year - meaning, (and confirmed by NASA) that the sun's output could cause things to happen via the weather due to the solar activity.  High tides, gravitational things, etc.  and with the past year of twisters, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding....
it was just kind of eerie timing, that this morning, I received an eMail reminding me of "Disaster Preparedness" from the ASPCA.

Now, Mayan predictions withstanding, everyone who follows FDbyK4TT knows of my love for animals - so the information itself is valuable for ANY pet owner - for anytime!  So I wanted to give you all the link to check it out for yourself.  

There are plenty of Disaster Preparedness sites for Humans - but this site gives you a comprehensive list of what to keep handy in case you find the need to evacuate with your pet.  From Hamsters to Horses, the ASPCA has a 'checklist' for everything you might need.

Please check out :  ASPCA Disaster Preparedness Website
and for a decal above: Decal 

While you are there, please consider a donation to help the ASPCA care for neglected, forgotten and abused animals.