Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hurry Up Monday!!

Finally, the holiday excitement is winding down.. it is safe to breathe once again - if only for another 205 days..

My bout with pneumonia has finally lightened up so that I can breathe somewhat normally again - so that is a definite plus!  It took 2 rounds of antibiotics to get things under control, which really surprised me as although I get sick often, usually a single 10-day round with amoxicillin and 'all becomes right with the World again'.

I hope that the holidays found everyone happy and full of love and hope for the coming year.  I know that I am looking forward to the new year.. well at the very least, January 4th 2010..
for this is the day in which the people are slotted to return to school.
Ugh.. I never knew children could argue so much!  The little one can even strike up a good argument about not arguing...
Although it's been so very long since I have written, I am still very behind the 8-ball on holiday tasks - (mostly due to my illness).  The gifts that were supposed to be mailed out the weekend of Dec 4th never made it to the post office and are still sitting by the front door awaiting a ride to postmaster.  
(All those who were to receive gifts, received an email explaining that I was not forgetful, just ill and couldn't get a ride to the post office to get out the packages and most received photos of their intended gifts - not the same, I know.. but what can you do?)
But of course, there was still the challenge of working up my daughter's Christmas combos.. the blanket and doll.  After seeing so many dolls leave the house for others, the people were feeling just a tad jilted at not having any made for them!
In November, I decided to change that - and add a blanket which I fell in love with upon first sight a few months prior from a Herschnerr's mailer.

Now, of course, MY people don't care about it being billed as a 'Christmas' item - but done up in Pink and Purple.. and they would pay close attention.
So that is exactly, what I did.. made this beautiful (and fancy) afghan for my beautiful (and not so fancy) children!
**Although, I must admit - I HATED this pattern.  Too much sewing!!!  The entire border is made separate and then sewn to the body of the afghan - very tedious and a very lengthy process - especially when you have only limited space.  But the end results were worth it...

But in addition to the blankets, they needed the dolls to go with.  Originally, I had worked up the original doll version (purple) but for the pink, I made the dress more like the afghan with a white pineapple 'under dress' and the pink lattice overlay. 
My hope is that 20 years from now, my beautiful daughters will still have their beautiful afghans and reflect on the cherished memories of childhood and find strength in those memories when their own lives present struggles or discouragement.

Finished up on Christmas eve.  LOL (talk about working right up to the wire huh?)
Then of course there is the whole 'Christmas Eve Tradition(s)' to get thru.
Well, each Christmas Eve since my daughters were born, we would end the night by reading T'was the Night Before Christmas.  As the kids got a little older, the exciting (and often very delicious) chore of making Santa's fresh Christmas Cookies mere hours before the big man's arrival was added to the tradition.
This year, since I was running late, there was also a 6 foot tree to decorate - so Daddy became very important part of this year's traditions..

While Daddy read T'was the Night with the girls, I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner dishes and making the dough for the sugar cookies.

Now Santa-Daddy doesn't particularly like "Sugar Cookies"; preferring to have a piping hot plate of Toll House instead... 
but  Toll House cookies are drop and as far as the people are concerned.. quite BORING.. and definitely NOT up to the Christmas caliber that the people come to expect when it centers around making gifts for the man who brings them the world under an evergreen tree.

So away they went, quick as a flash 
they sprinkled the sugars (a touch more than a dash)
okay, so who am I trying to kid?  
It is a no wonder the poor cookies do not buckle under the weight of colored sugars, gumdrops,licorice strings and various 'other' sweet goodies the people use to create their masterpieces.  Cookies with enough tooth rotting goodness to impress even the wildest of  Who's in Whoville and make the Grinch even Grinchier.  
The kind of cookies that could only be eaten by the sweetest of the sweet.. you know, like Santa himself, one of Santa's little helpers.. and of course, the cookie makers...

We then placed these wonderful creations on a plate and put them in the 'Tree Room' to await the Santa Seal of Approval... and then left to retire for the night (which only meant for me to frantically finish up a purple doll before trying to get a few hours of sleep).

A few minutes later, I had a frantic 9 year old - panting, near tears and positively fuming at my bedroom door..
"Momma, Hooch ate Santa's Cookies"

Apparently, Hooch - My daughter's 3 year old Bull Mastiff, wanted to play the role of Santa this year...
a drool stained plate and a few broken cookies, left us nothing to dread -
so replacements were placed, of course.. after Hooch went to bed..


Happy New Year to all.
May the New Year treat you better than previous and find you and your family in good health - mind, spirit and body.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Ready for the Sleigh

The first Christmas of any of my adopted out kitties, I always try to do a little something special for their first year away from me and Mum.

Last year, it was simple gift cards to Petco in a Christmas Card.  This year, I had intended to make replicas of Siamese Kitties and place them around Christmas Bulbs with scribed writing announcing the year..
... alas, there's always next year.

The important thing for me, is letting the adoptive parents know that I am still thinking of them and the precious bundle of fur they took home with them.  It has worked out well over the past years, and I've been able to watch my .. er um.. their furry children grow.

These were 2 of the gifts I bundled up on yesterday for their journey on Saturday.  Lord knows, the postal service needs all the time it can get during this season!


*Both of these patterns are from Elisabeth Doherty's published works : Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute, which can be purchased on for as little as $7.00!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Relaxation w/ Ma & Pa Nipp

I so dislike when I wait 'til the last minute to get things done, not that I had much choice this year.  But things come up even during the best of times, so I have been working steadily to play catch-up to allow me to have all the home-made Christmas goodies ready in time for their sleigh.. er um.. truck ride(s) to their destinations.  

However, being under the gun and making almost 100 fish/mice, 3 doilies, 4 dolls and a handful of Xue Snowflakes and various flowers for handmade goodness to send/mail off, does tend to make one feel that my 'hobby' has been more like a chore lately.  Rather than a labor of love, which is obsessive. 
So with only about 3 more projects that need to be completed THIS week.. *hee hee* ... I felt it necessary to take a little break today and just do something completely fun and non-necessary.  (Yeah, I know, that makes so much sense.. yeah?)

But, YOU reap the benefits.

Several days ago, I came across and ornament kit which gave me inspiration for my own Chilly Christmas Ornament/Package Decorations.  
Please allow me to introduce you to Ma & Pa Nipp.

I am in the process of writing up the pattern and will place it in pdf form on the right hand side menu, when complete. Pattern is now available in pdf form.  I hope you enjoy this little Christmas present from Me to You and have great fun making and adapting for your Christmas needs.

Happy Holidays and The Best for the New Year! 


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