Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seriously TOUGH Boss!!

I know I've been extremely quiet over the past month - well since about Thanksgiving...
Many of you already know, this is due to the charity work that I do.  This year, with times being what they are, the amount of requests I have received was so great, that I actually had to turn a few away.  (Which truly breaks my heart! But for one (a local animal shelter), I will be doing a charity basket for Valentine's Day).  Next year, I think I may have to start in February/March to ensure that I have enough!  It has been many a night since Turkey Day, that I've not gone to bed before 3am; so I am looking forward to Christmas just to be able to relax :)

But none of my 'employers' have been more demanding than a little girl who wanted some dolls for her classmates.  Yes, the people have put in their demands!
Of the 6 dolls I designed, only 4 were approved.  (1 is still pending as we are in dispute over whether or not Gingerbread People have hair!)

I bring to you several of the upcoming releases.  (These dolls are in the final phase with my associates and should be available this weekend.)

Tinsel, the Snowkid

Mistletoe, the Mutt

Graham, the Gingerbread Boy

The smile on the Boss' face says "job well done" and that's all that matters!!


Anonymous said...

Tell the littles one that no, gingerbread men do not have hair. :) Claudia

Ethan Kotlarczyk said...

So DANG cute!!! I can't wait for you to release them!

Anonymous said...

Perfection!!! Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

SUPER!!!! Love them all!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are way to cute.

Amy said...

They are all awesome! I especially love the reindeer!

Ethan Kotlarczyk said...

Do you think you will be releasing Mistletoe, the Mutt? He is soooo cute! Wendy

K4TT said...

Wendy, Mistletoe has already been released for Instant download on
I have been trying to write up my pages here on the blog as well as the FDbyK4TT storefront.
Been a very busy weekend :)

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