Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here's What You Should Have Seen...

"Thankful Thursday Final Week"  and of course, "Happy Thanksgiving"

I do not know if I clicked, when I should have selected, or if something else went wrong - but I believe all happens for a reason.  Perhaps with all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, my post would have been over looked that day..

But, now at least, my final Thankful Thursday honoree receives the spotlight all to herself!

I met Miek through and she quickly became a huge inspiration to my work.  Her subtle quirkiness in her work, with bold, vibrant colors; allows her personality to shine brightly in all her creations.  Although she's quiet and doesn't flaunt her doodles, she was quick to point out to me what she does with them.  

Many, in fact probably most, children will never face such a horrifying disease as cancer.  But I can tell you, from experience, those children who do; are among the bravest kids I have ever met in my life. 

The Poekie Project was started after it's founder, Saskia, found out her own child had lymphoma and would need to endure Radiation and Chemotherapy treatments. (Which I can attest to, is NO picnic - even to someone who is old enough to understand fully what is going on!)
A year later, her son is well; but she's not forgotten how much love and support children going through similar treatments need to keep their spirits up.  Named after her "cat", The Poekie Project has brought smiles to the faces of many very ill children at the Ghent University Hospital and continues to seek crafter's support to brighten the days of children facing cancer.  What a beautiful gift to give back to a hospital and so deserving of a mention!!


Poekie said...

Wow, wow... Poekie is sooooo happy and proud to see this message on your blog! Thanks!!!
Where is the Turkey-party!?!!! :)

Sweet greetings, Poekie

Erin said...

Wow!!! :') That is just wonderful!!! And I'm so happy to hear her son has recovered.

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, K4TT! Is there any way we can translate The Poekie Project web site into ENGLISH?


K4TT said...

Hi Gina :)
I use a browser that does translations automatically from whatever language (Russian, French, Dutch) into English.
Saskia does speak English very well - but most of her readers are native Dutch speakers.

Google does a fair job of translation should you like to read more of the stories.

Miek said...

I just discovered this post you made (i havent been online in nov/dec due to personal reasons) but i feel very honored.

However i have to correct you 'a bit', i havent actually send something to the Poekieproject yet... The doodles and other softies are patiently waiting in my bedroom together. But the first week of march a huge box with several cuties is going to Belgium.

Together with contributions of other dutchies from Ravelry and my orphanbunch, we hope to bring a smile on the face of those children and their loved ones.

Since its gonna be send from country to country (Netherlands-Belgium) the shipping costs are quite a bit higher, in this way its nicer for all the dutchies who want to contribute

Saskia, if you read this... Im very glad Robbe is doing ok at the moment and i want to thank you for starting this very succesfull project!

For those reading this comment, the Poekie-project excists a little over a year now and in that year almost 1500 softies/dolls have been handmade with love and found (or will find soon) a new owner in a happy child

I use google chrome too and indeed it translates every page into english (or another language if thats your preference), and you can personalize it, for me it doesnt translate english and german and dutch pages but does offer to translate pages in all other languages

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