Thursday, April 11, 2013

And People Wonder WHY?

Each year, I am asked to either create a specific doodle, make any of my already published doodles and/or crochet up another artist's work for one charity project or another...
and each year, I begin earlier and earlier so I don't have to answer "I can not" to those who ask.

Well,  they say a picture is worth a thousand words..
HERE is the real reason I often fall behind - 

My finished items are being ... well, in this case: MOOSEknapped..
(napped being the real story behind the photo!)

Yes, that is my doggie - all 185lbs of him, curled up with a charity order that is being put together for this fall (so I have time to remake the KISS Moose)  - but my finished doodles are always being snagged up by the most unsuspecting of characters!

So you see, it's not my health issues, not a creative block or even a hand cramp that has me falling behind...
it's the CUTENESS of it all!

(actually this is a rare occurrence - as the big beastie loves to EAT plushies ... and paper and gloves and.. well, whatever else happens too close to his area.. 
but as I ran out of the bags which I use for storage, I had the Moose sitting on the kitchen table to remind me to get more bags this weekend... and well, apparently one of the people moved it - usually it is one of the PEOPLE who just "has to have" a doodle) 


Amy said...

Aww so cute!

Southern Sewing Mama said...

LOVE IT!!! So can't resist!!! Just want to curl up and snuggle in that MoosePile!!

Jenny said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog

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