Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quickie, While I Race to Catch Up...

So... a week ago, I went into see my doctor, for what I assumed would be a routine 'sinus infection' and round of antibiotics. As I am "maturing",  (sounds so much better than "getting older" huh?)  I am learning that things my body previously had no issue with - seasons, cold weather... chocolate - are no longer playing nicely together.

So,  I left learning that I had a pretty bad ear infection, caused by and in addition to the sinus infection... and, of course, a round of antibiotics.  yeah...  (Not!!)
That was Wednesday...

By Friday morning, I was flat on my back and feeling like I was knocking on death's door!
Somewhere between the doctor's office and the pharmacy, I picked up a nasty stomach flu which had me sleeping (basically) 23 hours a day from Friday to Monday!

I am feeling better today, finally, - but I wanted to make a general public announcement so that no one thinks that they have been ignored, while I get to personally answering all my emails.
There have been many beautiful photos sent to me, including a "Bad Bunny" which I am hoping to get permission to share with you all here on my blog.

I will also get back to work on getting the Frog and Duckling out to you soon.