Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Features ...


I wanted to show off some of the lovely photos that I received this past week of wonderful doodles created by your hands.
(This is the BEST part of designing!!)

These lovely JellyBean and Peeps are so ready to share Easter with their some lucky someones...

Claudia had her Peeps and JellyBean made before they had even been on sale for an entire week!  THAT gets me so tickled!!  And I had just received a photo of Peeps from Karen when BOOM - there was JB ready to go as well!

And who couldn't help but just want to cuddle up with this adorable little pillow?!?  

I immediately fell in love with this little blue bundle!  The sweet little heart* embellishment makes this a truly unique and heartfelt gift!

And I love... Love... no... LOVE!!  these guys!

As a designer, I often play it safe.. ducks are yellow and bears are brown, etc .. etc.
These vibrant color combinations just scream individuality!   

Thank you to all you ladies for allowing me to feature your work here on    It is not only inspirational, but continues to remind me how blessed I am to know each of you.

Please continue to eMail me photos and I will continue to display the beautiful work here!

* heart embellishment not included in the Pillow Pals Puppy pattern


melsdaisypatch said...

I love them all but the puppy is my favorite. That heart makes him extra special!!

LindaHensens said...

I love them all, too. Be looking for an e-mail from me later this weekend. I need to ask you something.

Carol said...

Super Fantastic

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