Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Flippin' Smokes

I have had some quick 'testers' before, but Claudia set a record I think...

Flip isn't even done on MY end yet, but he's all tested and ready to be published ..  which I will most likely get around to doing tonight - 
those who are eagerly awaiting Flip... blame the people!

I have promised the people a 'Day Out'..
The weather has turned here - spring is in the air and because the people are still considered 'home schooled' (although they do go to school for a few hours) - MCAS means they do not get time at school today.. 
Since one is missing gym and the other absolutely hates not being able to go to school for a few hours everyday  ...
I am thinking a walk to the beach may be in order .. and definitely a 'yard clean up'...
perhaps I will find something in the soil which will inspire me for even more fiber goodies!

In the mean time.. 
My very good friend Erin has a tantalizing little friend for everyone who is feeling the Spring bug's bite...

"The legendary, slightly annoying guardian of the forest... the Lorax."

Which you can pick up completely FREE from her Facebook Page - so please, go take a look at Erin's Toy Store,  "Like" her page and get out today and PLANT A TREE!


Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately that I love you... (I'm singing this in my head I hope you realize) :P

Thank you sweetie! I can't wait for the cute Flippin Frog!!! :P You NEVER cease to amaze me, NEVER!


Connie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I have another friend, she is FROG crazzzzy. She can't have enough. I went to visit her in SC, and a crocheted frog rode shotgun from Illinois, it was insane, truckers looked and shook their heads.
Can hardly wait.

Thanks for the share.

til next time

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