Tuesday, February 21, 2012

StREssFuL DaY!!

More was planned for the day than actually got done!  Unless you count sitting at the hospital for 3 hours productive...

Our 9 month old Ultimate Mastiff (113lbs) and our 7 year old Bull Mastiff (130lbs)  had a scuffle Sunday over who would eat what and when.  Now anyone who has had large (unaltered male) dogs know, there is no compromise when these 100+ pound giants get a thought in their heads.  And.. although the youngster had already eaten his dinner, he thought he could take on the old man and go for seconds.
Obviously, the old man had a difference of opinion.

(the "Old Man")

It wasn't until yesterday morning - a holiday morning - that we discovered that the scuffle was more like a bar room brawl and that there was actually wounded on the field.
I noticed a (to me, large) puncture wound, mere inches away from the jugular vein of the younger male.  
My next door neighbor's daughter is a vet tech, so we called her up to see if the battle wound warranted an immediate trip to the Animal ER, or if it could wait until this morning.


Well, the long and short of it is that we should have went last night!
Tonight, the poor pup is sleeping in a cold steel crate at the doctor's office.  By the time we had gotten him to the hospital this afternoon, infection had set in and due to his size (and probability of irritation/soreness) the vet needed to sedate him in order to flush out the wound.
To make matters worse (at least it will seem worse in his eyes)... since he was under anesthesia anyways  (Mastiffs and anesthesia do not play well together) ... 
it was decided that we'd have his manhood stripped from him as well.  
So as long as there are no complications during the night (which means, yes a very restless night for me - just as if one of my furr-less children were in the hospital) junior should come home tomorrow . . .. .. well most of him.

Needless to say that is little drama took up quite a bit of time today - so I was unable to finish up work on the "KISS Jester" for Mardi Gras; which consists of photographs and pdf layout.  But I will work on it tomorrow morning and hopefully have 3 patterns ready for this weekend.  (I hate doing it this way, as I would rather space them out, than have many at once). 
But once you meet JellyBean (the Bunny), you will understand why I wanted Peep released at the same time :)

P.S. - I have updated the EULA section of my blog.  Please take a minute to read through it, I am sure it will make a few people happy to see a policy change!


Anonymous said...

Aww! Poor Puppy. I hope he's okay! thank you for the update to your policies, I know I will be buying more patterns from you.

hbfine said...

Awww poor puppy! Hope he feels better soon!!
Can't wait to see those new patterns!!! Eeeee!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby, hope he is feeling his sweet self soon, take care of you too...
sending hugs,

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