Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jellybean & Peep

The pdf's are all written up for all 3 bunnies (Peep, Jellybean dressed and undressed) and just awaiting the photo shoot. 
I had hoped to have at least Nakid Jelly up tonight for sale - but I would rather have all 3 up at the same time to avoid confusion and ensure that you are able to purchase the item you want and not have 'regret' ("oh I should have bought the dressed one!").

But.. believe me, I think you will be surprised at how quickly they work up - you will have plenty of time to get these lovely's done in time for the Easter holiday.

And because Barb asked/commented on it yesterday ... I thought I would give you a preview of another design that will be hopping in later on this week. (who measures about 12 inches in height) 

**please pardon our tails and pins and bad lighting.. he has been off to the tester, but not completely sewn together yet

and of course the Duckling you saw a glimpse of last week and I am going to try to get one more in the spring collection out before the end of the week - "Lovey" - so we will see :)

I am going to take a deserved break tonight and watch Lord of the Rings, curled up with my big baby next to me - that would be the dog - as it is a 5am wake up call after a "week" of vacation.

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