Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doggie Update & Jellybean & Peep...

Well, the little man came home Wednesday but then was back in the hospital on Thursday.. poor bugger!!
Swollen and sore.. at both ends.  It had been a real challenge to keep him from licking and scratching -  the amount of damage to his neck area doesn't allow for a collar of any sort and usually, in altering situations, you want to use an "e collar" which prevents the animal from licking and infecting the surgical area.
In a matter of seconds and while he was napping - a simple itch had torn at least 2 stitches from his neck and re-opened the surgical area.  Flying in the car, breaking speed limits (kidding) but back to the vet's office (with our dinner getting cold on the kitchen table).

It was back to the office this morning to have the drain tube removed, so his wound is much 'nicer' and not so gruesome to look at.  He's healing up nicely and he should be able to have the remaining stitches removed in about another week.  :)
I love our vet's office... that much I can say!  The Doctor is one of those ole' fashion docs who still makes house calls when needed! 
The boy had his surgery, for both the altering and for the wound, boarding, and all the medications and pain pills.. and less than $350.00  (Where I live, most vets in the area easily charge double for just the 'altering'! not to mention any medications that may be needed afterwards)  The emergency follow up, that interrupted dinner, no charge and today's visit was only $35.00  Yes, a vet who actually cares about the animal and not the profit line.  LOVE IT!  I wish everyone who views my blog could go to this office.  

So anyways.. it's like 24/7 babysitting (since he cannot wear a protective collar to prevent scratching)  I've had a real hard time getting much done.

JellyBean the Bunny you were able to see on my last post - 
Well, JellyBean has a female friend named "Peep"  and she's nearly ready also, so I thought along with the update, I would also update you with some PICTURES!

JellyBean and Peep each stand at an impressive 21 inches tall!  Big enough to tag along behind your little one and help search for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday or just cuddle up under the blankets with and watch a favorite movie.

JellyBean will be made available in 2 separate patterns 1 dressed and 1 as seen in the photos above/below.
Peep's pattern will be dressed only (however purchasing Jellybean undressed and changing to lighter colors could give the appearance of a 'girl' bunny)
The dressed versions will be slightly more advanced containing slip stitches, surface stitches, long single crochet stitches and a version of the  "invisible decrease method". 
The undressed version is simple stitches throughout the pattern.
A simple project which can be completed in a few hours for the advanced crocheter or a day or two for the beginner.

It is my hope to have all 3 up by tomorrow evening - but at latest, all 3 will be available on Monday the 27th of February.


EntwinedEssentials said...

So glad to hear that you have such a great vet and a pup that's doing better. I wish there were more vets around like yours.

Love the little bunnies too, very cute!

melsdaisypatch said...

Your poor puppy. We have two lab/german shepherds that will be going to the vet in a few months to have their manhood removed. They are trying to kill each other at dinner time but they aren't old enough to have that fixed yet. I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE your bunnies!! Can't wait to see them in the shop! Have a great weekend.

K4TT said...

Thank you Donna for your well wishes. Yes, vets like mine are a dying breed (pardon the pun). When we move, the near hour ride will be too long for the pups to endure.. well okay, too long for myself and the hub to endure.. LOL! So I hope I can find just as loving a doc in that area!

Hi Melissa!
I know you truly feel my pain. The Puppy (and I say this with love because I adore him to pieces) got what he had coming. The old man, which in mastiff years, truly is an old man - didn't start this one. Of course, I feel bad he's in pain and can't play - but I can tell you he still hasn't learned his lesson. He's grouchy right now, so he's snappy at everybody. (except me because I have those wonderful cheese slices - which conveniently hide his medications).

JypsiLady said...

Poor baby!! I hope he is back up and around soon.

I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. You seriously make the most awesome designs. I am still very anxiously awaiting a frog. Maybe with spring right around the corner???

JypsiLady Creations

K4TT said...

Hmm.. Barb, are you reading my mind?
A frog is in testing! I will post photos soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. The poor little guy! I think I mentioned I had a Bordeaux mastiff so I kind of understand what you guys are going through. One silly story. When he got altered the vet and the staff totally fell in love with him. The spoiled him rotten in the liitle time he was there (and awake) they gave him wet dog food as a treat. I`d never done that. When he got home, and had bedtime I awoke out of a dead sleep due to the worst smell I've ever experienced. It came from his lower half. My eyes were totally watering. Needless to say he never got wet food again. My vet is amazing. Maybe you want to move to Seattle? I'd love to have you!!!!! Not exactly Thailand but occasionally the sun comes out and we have some great Asian markets. :-) jelly bean and peep are amazing!!!!!! I can't wait! Xoxo Claudia

K4TT said...

Hi Claudia,
I was in Seattle for a time in '96. Curse of the Military - you don't stay anywhere too long. If I had my way, at least in the US - I would love to move back to Alaska - but the Hub is like... umm. yeah, no thank you! (Can't get enough of Alaskan summers/winters they are absolutely invigorating - and there is nothing like looking out your kitchen window and being eyeball to eyeball with a moose ... but I would never get a stitch of crochet done) There is an Asian market about 20 mins from me - I took my girlfriend there one day... I still don't think she's recovered! LOL But the Hub still has family in Thailand that he's not seen since he was young. I was so excited about it - major heartbreak. But all happens for a reason...

My pups are spoiled rotten. They get canned food several times a week, pig ears, biscuits and sweet taters daily.. I often joke, they eat healthier than we do.
There was a gorgeous 2 yr old deBordeaux at the vet's today as I was checking out. My pup is already taller than he was :o)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your puppy is doing so much better. He will probably be his sweet normal self real soon...give him a gentle pat from me...

Love the new patterns too!! Love all your work...

hbfine said...

I am so glad to hear the pup is recovering!! Anytime my daughter has an owwy she picks at that thing like there's no tomorrow!!!
Sometimes an e cone for her hands has crossed my mind... hehe
I know I have said it before but sooooooooo glad to have you back in action with your patterns! (And to just know you are ok and all)
I think the Easter bunny would love these guys to be added to the baskets this year!

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