Saturday, November 13, 2010

Checking In & Passing It On...

Okay.. so here we are .. something like 43 days until Christmas and I've not got a single 'personal' crochet gift done... as of yet..
several started, but none done.
Can you smell the midnight oil being lit yet?? Hee Hee

 Last year's Holiday Donations - Animal Shelter

Last week, the last of the K.I.S.S. Series holiday donations took their 'ride downtown'... 
well a few streets over anyways, to the local police station.  

And my commissioned pieces have all been mailed off as well.. 
what a great feeling...  being DONE!

Unfortunately, this year, I simply did not have enough time (or cooperating weather) to get photographs of everything before they were put into their shipping beds and sent along their merry way.  Several were 'due by' Friday, the 26th.  Yeah... I could have held em a day or two more... but.. who really trusts the US Postal Service to deliver in a TIMELY fashion anymore - let alone at 'holiday time'?  I do not take chances with my client's needs. :o)

Now.. it's a Fairy for Momma, some kitty toys for some friends and ... well a few more, but they read my blog.. so ... shhhhhhhhhhhhh  
but first.. I've got to figure out what will be taking a trip to the UK this year :o)  
The original Maximus traveled overseas and had a great spring, frolicking and playing in the dandelions of the UK last year...

I have added a few new K.I.S.S. Series playmates to the collection.  Right now, there's a total of 12 - which include my newest, a Pegasus (with wing tutorial).

Which brings me to write...
I had one of my wonderful clients let me know of a catastrophe that happened to her K.I.S.S. Lion..
She had completed the lion using "softest superwash wool" and it did not hold up to the washing machine - she wanted to make sure that others did not make her mistake.

Personally, I do not use the more expensive yarns like wool, cashmere or bamboo.  I use good ole, easily found and inexpensive, Red Heart Worsted Weight yarns for all my amigurumi projects -  
All Yarns are NOT the Same (unfortunately).

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