Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow! The Holidays are Here... Already?!?!

It seems like only yesterday, I was listening to my children complain about the heat and wanting to go into the pool!

But here we are, Halloween 2010 is dissolving into just another memory; a big ole' Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings and a Christmas Tree with packages wrapped in brightly colored ribbons and bows - will be on everyone's mind before you know it.  (Sorry - I am a bit  'materialistic' when it comes to the symbolism of this time of year).

hmm.. and Me.. deciding to YANK my children from public school BEFORE the holidays... what was I thinking??!?  (Yeah, that's why the blog disappearing act again - but I am trying to balance everything out and make time for home school, home cleaning, home cooking, home working... hee hee)

But before we completely let Halloween 2010 escape from our memories (at least until next Halloween) - I wanted to show off one of my dear bloggies' works.

Genevieve participated in the Monster C.A.L. and was kind enough to eMail me her finished Monster - he is just A-DOR-ABLE!

I LOVE HIM to pieces!  Thank you so much for sharing him with me!
If you participated in the C.A.L. and would like to show me your completed Monster, I am sure we can extend Halloween a little longer... hee hee...

Well, I have a Math Lesson to prepare and some Creative Writing to read..
so I guess that will have to be it for now.  


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