Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time Is So NOT a Friend of Mine...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a safe and Happy New Year.
I've not forgotten you... you've not heard from me, simply because I was TRYING to get up a free pattern at Christmas.. then when that did not happen; I attempted to gather together a free pattern for New Years..
problem was that there is just not enough time in the day to design..

For Christmas, my parents came in.  Of course it's always a pleasure to visit with the parental units.. but it does tend to add a wee bit more stress to the holidays as you want to make everything so enjoyable.. well, at least that was MY holiday.
Then, as they left (which was actually a day earlier than they had planned), we got a Nor' Easter that came up the coast of the US and created havoc for several days after.  Right down the road from me, there were 2 homes which caught on fire due to flood waters.  Now, when I say flood waters.. we are speaking of 5 to 6 feet of water.  It is the price you pay (so they say), for living close to the ocean.
We escaped unscathed, but "Daddy" was very busy working 18 hr shifts.

With all this excitement, I've found myself longing for directions from other pattern writers to get my fiber fix!!  (Yeah..  I am actually following - stitch by stitch, will wonders never cease? )

Here are 2 of my works - the Booties/Blanket are for a Co-Worker/Student of the Hub .. and the hoodie (which is actually done in pink AND purple) are for the people - as they wanted something to keep em warm so they could play in the snow.  (Now all we need is the snow instead of the flood waters!)

Choco Baby Blanket and Booties by: Mon Petit Violon

Bella Hood by: Crazy Socks Crochet

I am working very hard to continue to bring you fiber goodies - it's a new year, and and I've cleansed my mind of past issues.  
I will update as time permits!  I hope to see you very soon!


Cecilia said...

Ooh I love the hoodie!

Goldibug said...

Sorry to hear about the floods! I was just telling my other friend that Mother Nature is going through menopause or something. It's suppose to be winter here but where I'm at we don't usually get snow. Not only have we gotten snow but it's stuck for over a week now. Two weeks before the snow we got a years worth of rain in just 9 days. All the rivers were flooding over and some people lost there homes who were too close to the rivers. Last year definitely went out with a bang. I sure hope this year comes in like a lamb.

K4TT said...

Another of my NYE Resolutions, to try and respond to blog entries.. we will see how that works.. but while I sit on *hold* on the telephone - perhaps this may be a NYR I can keep to..

Cecilia: The hood is quite adorable. My photo doesn't do it justice, and I was unable to talk the youngest of the people to pose for her photo-op with her pink hoodie on. They work up extremely fast and are extremely easy. Well worth the money! I also plan to make several for charity.

Goldi: Hey girlie! I do not know if it is so much as MENopause or just plain cranky old age and tired of the abuse we put her through. Yin & Yang is balance and based on 'the natural order of things'.
As a race, we've polluted Mother's givings for centuries.. I think she's just doing a little lung cleansing to let us know she's watching and we need to cleanup our own messes, OR she WILL.

Debi said...

LOVE the hoodie! Will you be posting the pattern?

K4TT said...

Hi Debi - I do not think Danyel of Crazy Socks Crochet would be too happy with me if I posted her pattern.
Her etsy shop is linked under the photo of the hoodie, but you can also purchase this pattern here: http://crazysockscrochet.bigcartel.com/ or here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/crazysockscrochet (if you are a Ravelry Member)

Anonymous said...

happy new year
sorry hear aboute the problem

hope chistmas was not to bad and santa come smile

take care

Debi said...

Oh I see that now - sorry, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, LOL! Thanks for the info!

K4TT said...

Anon - I am pretty sure I know you *smile* Thank you for your kindness. Was rough times from the storm, but all is well and Santa Claus did treat the kiddos kindly! Perhaps too kindly... I think they should have gotten at least 1 lump of coal *wink*

Debi - No worries :) It was extremely funny on this end of the screen though. I was on the telephone when I received your posting - immediately I panicked thinking that I had mislead my readers to believing that I had created the hoodie (which would be problematic on so many levels). In my efforts to race open my blog page to re-read what I wrote, I accidentally got my yarn wrapped around my leg and inadvertently ripped out an entire round of joining stitches.. ugh...
but, best part was, I had began the rnd in the wrong st to work join, so it needed ripping out anyways... hee hee.

hbfine said...

Yay! I am so glad to see you back here! I miss sitting at work, reading your blogs and figuring out which pattern I was going to drool over next! <yes work gets very boring and a little too masculine at a Auto Body shop.) Hope you had a great New Years!

K4TT said...

:o) Well don't count me 'back in the game' just yet. I am still homeschooling the people which takes up 90% of my time - however, we've finally got ourselves into a routine, so time has gotten a little less hectic and I've been able to grab a hook again..
My hands actually had to relearn a few things.. lol

It was a "quiet" NYE, but very nice; thank you so much for asking :oP

Genevieve said...

So glad to see you here again. Hope the new year brings you and your family nothing but blessings minus the flooding. :) Stay strong lady!

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