Saturday, August 28, 2010

Upcoming Etsy & 3Ft Sunflower Announcement

Okay Dokey - A BUNCH of information to give to everyone, and I want to do it in a single post.

For me, tomorrow is a very special birthday..

I had intended to make 12 3ft sunflowers to honor the birth of Michael Jackson, to be sent to the Forest Lawn Mausoleum and placed in/around his tomb for tomorrow. HOWEVER, I am not in California (opposite coast) and repeated inquires to the staff at Forest Lawn have proven unyielding. (Basically, because of fans and vandalism, etc - there was/is no guarantee that the fiber flowers would make it to their destination unless they were hand delivered by a 'family member' or someone who had authorization into the Mausoleum area.) Well that SUCKS! I have a friend/tester who lives in CA - but lives at the other end of the state and an 8 hour trip to deliver fiber flowers is just a tad *much* to even ask of her.
So... my flower project - failed :o(

But my failure will be your gain - I will post the 3Ft Sunflower Pattern here on my blog for my readers. So be sure to check the blog tomorrow for the pattern... and Happy Birthday Michael - you are missed!

Etsy -

It has been sometime since you've seen a new pattern in my etsy shop ... well all that is about to change, with 2 NEW series of patterns.

Several weeks ago, I was 'commissioned'(?) to make a giraffe baby rattle; that needed to look more like a stuffed animal she had gotten for her older daughter at the zoo. (Think Precious Moments meets Beanie Babies - well that is the description I was given.. lol)

and this was the sketch I worked up as we were talking . . .  

(Now, it's not my best work, but we were outside, watching the children - wind blowing and I only had a pencil, notebook paper, bad lighting and a child going "Momma can I...? Momma can I ????" every 2 minutes.. )

There were several criteria markers that needed to be met.  1- the animal had to be machine washable  2- no small (choke-able) parts   3- all parts had to be soft  and large for small baby hands
all the basics to a 'baby toy'..
and of course, it had to have a mass large enough to insert a rattle - 

not really my area of expertise.. I am more of a 'sculptured gal'

This is what I came up with - 

The giraffe was first done, but the pattern I created was simple and quick to work up, that I quickly added him a friend - zebra (which was another animal at the zoo that seemed to captivate the baby's attention, along with the lions...) which got me to thinking what other animals would babies enjoy...

and thus, became the K.I.S.S. Series.  "Keeping It Simple & Straightforward"  - nothing fancy, nothing complex - just adorable critters.  So far, it's only the zebra and giraffe which have been completed - well, zebra still needs a few things sewn on.. hee hee ... - but I've got ideas in the works for several more animals in the series and I am sure after a trip to the local yarn store today - I will think of a few more animals to add to the collection.  :o)

There is another series that I have been working on during the end months of July and early months of August, which are now in testing phase - 
Although, the poor things don't have a catchy little 'series' name..
This is 1 of 10 dolls which consist of everything from a Back to School child (pictured below) to several animals to include fox and monster.

As you can tell, I've not been slacking :o)
The shop will be filled with goodies very, very soon!

Well, I am off to run my errands - remember to check the blog tomorrow for your sunflower pattern and enjoy the day today.


andrea (funnyfanny) said...

i'm looking forward to your patterns! I've finished lou several weeks ago, maybe you wanna take a look?
lots of good thoughts from germany, I' be there tomorrow!

Greenpixey said...

Love the patterns you've come up with. I know now what I'm gonna buy myself for my birthday next month :)

Ganty said...

I love love love the k.i.s.s serie! so looking forward to that :D

Goldibug said...

I can NOT wait for that giraffe pattern! I was going to design one very similar to him. He is so adorable! Giraffes are my favorite animal :)

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