Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very Exciting Start to the New Year

I was goofing on the Internet spending my Christmas Cash and headed on over to Annie's Attic's Website and Boom!! There is was..
One of my testers and friend, was picked up several months ago by DRG Publishing. (So I knew it was coming) but to see it in the 'flesh' so to speak...
I am so excited for her!!
I actually screamed and had to phone her the minute I saw the cover!  (she had not seen the cover, nor did she know that it had been placed up on the Annie's Attic Website yet)
If you click on the 'see more photos' option, you can see all 7 designs!
Debi was a cake decorator for many years, so really, her crochet versions of these baked goods are so close to the real thing, you may just want to take a nibble!  Not only does she have this book, but she has other cake patterns selling on etsy under the seller name FourBeesDesigns.
Please, do yourself the luxury of checking out her products and do your friends a favor by purchasing this book!  They will love the creations it allows you to make!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Yes I agree you will love this book!!! The patterns are wonderful along with her many outstanding patterns on her website. I just love all of her patterns!!!!! Patterns are so easy to follow and you have such a wonderful finish creation!

Kerri said...

Wow! I think they are great and so pretty! When is it coming out??? Looks like a cook book - thank you for the info!
I will be sure to watch for.

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