Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

The weekend before Christmas, we were 'blessed' (?) with a Nor'easter that dumped 2 feet of snow on us - guaranteeing a 'White Christmas'.  Then, just like with the itsy-bitsy spider, the rain came an washed a good 85% of it away - before New Years.

This past weekend, it began snowing Friday late (after midnight) and didn't end truly until Monday morning (early, early am) leaving a new white coating on the ground which would be about 7 or 8 inches (had the winds not had everything drift so much).

But one of my all-time favorite games in the winter time is to look for tracks in the snow and try to guess who's been paying visits to my yard.  Mostly a bunch of birds, squirrels, moles, field mice and rabbits, occasionally a skunk or possum, some raccoons - heck, there's even been a fox or coyote print or two to follow.

But there were prints this morning that were baffling.  They looked human - but so very tiny... at first I thought that someone was playing with Barbie dolls outside... but that would be impossible as it is very very cold.  Not quite Alaska cold, but then again, AK cold is humidity free (nearly) and NE cold is just freggin COLD!

I did what anyone who is curious of mind... I followed the tracks.  Which seemed to follow the squirrel for a while..  but then I discovered her.. such a cute little thing I had to step back for a moment and grab for my camera..

Sadly, she disappeared as quickly as she appeared - straight into my neighbor's waiting arms.  (She's yet to name her, but I will be sure to update, when this little cutie gets her name.)

I've since found out, that this beautiful little 'Eskimo' was created by Jennifer Creasey and you can pick up your very own here or at her main shop at polarbeads. This was truly a simple project, which took me only about 8 hours to complete with many, MANY interruptions from children and chores.

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Brenda said...

Oh K4TT she is darling! What an excellent job you've done on her!!
Wow! How fast you are since you just got the pattern too!!!

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