Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stray Little Kitty...

Oh, what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you homeless to my gate?
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth, and food
For from that day I ceased to be
The master of my destiny.
While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house the law.
He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed.
He ruled in arrogance and pride
And broke my heart the day he died.
So if you really think, oh Cat,
I'd willingly relive all that
Because you come forlorn and thin
Well...don't just stand there...Come on in!
Stray Cat by Francis Witham

All who know me, know of my passion for animals; cats in particular. 
Several weeks ago, before I got so boggled down with children and school and work and neighborhood dramatics; I worked up Rosemary Newman's (rosieok) 'Kooky Kitty Katz' for a local animal shelter and prepared the poem above on the finest card stock I had. 
I placed the poem, along with several pictures of my own precious felines with the Kooky Kitty and small brown envelopes for 'donations' on one of those 3-sectioned cardboard easels (that children often use for science-fair projects); outside a local convenient store (which a friend happens to own).

I wasn't sure exactly what would happen - and didn't really count on much. I live in a very snobby section of town (those who have, seem as if they could careless about those who have not, sort of place) and left it in the store owner's capable hands. My sole intention was to draw attention to the over population of animals in my area and, hopefully in these tough economic times, generate a little revenue by way of monetary donations to help the shelter with fund needed to care for these animals.

Well, apparently the response was amazing. The shelter pulled in a great deal of interest, donations as well as people's unneeded/slightly used cages, bedding and furniture (cat trees, scratching posts and the like).

I could not be happier!!  Sandy, the shelter's manager, has asked me to make several more 'kitties' (in various breeds) to place around the office as 'gifts' for larger donations.  ** Good thing I just purchased Jaravee's Siamese Kitties also - although there has never been a cat-pattern shortage in my house :)

The public-service side of me, wants to remind you; please help by donating to your local animal shelter(s) - whatever you can. Most shelters will tell you exactly what they need - kitty litter and cat foods as well as dog items are almost always on the list, even if you do not want to give a monetary donation.

Those seeking a companion, please visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Most often, a shelter kitty is going to be even more valuable to a family than an animal you've payed hundreds of dollars for.

You can't put a price tag on the love and affection received from a rescued animal.

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Anonymous said...

I've loved reading your blog posts.
As I'm on disability, I'm unable to monitarily donate to so instead I took old towels and sheets to my vet, they were so happy to get them.

I also always adopt, will never buy my pups.

Thank you for sharing your life and patterns, I have quite a few, lol.


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