Thursday, August 13, 2009

WOW! What a Day!!!

Oh what a day.. my feet were tired, my face was burned and my legs were throbbing with the wonder of how so many miles can be walked in circles!

Tuesday was the annual Canobie Lake Park trip!! Yeah!!
The people were excited - The Hub was excited - even I was a little excited!
(Okay, I was excited, but only AFTER we surpassed the morning rush around Boston!! I am a neRvOus WreCk in the car - God Love the Hub... his poor vehicle will be recuperating for the next month from nail marks embedded in the door handle.)

We got to the park around 11 am when they open (good thing) and did the whole loop first, as they were still opening rides and games were just coming online/setting up. We took the train from one side of the park to the other. . . which was relaxing but s l o o o w w w w er than molasses in a New England January.

This post is late, (as it is now Thursday and we went on Tuesday) because I was hoping that The Hub would upload his photos to the computer so I could pick some of those to post as well - but - The Hub never does what I *hope* he will do, only what he feels like doing at the time. I've got pictures on 3 separate pieces of equipment, the film camera, the digital camera and my cell phone. Needless to say, that MOST of my good photos of the People are on the film camera as I wanted to use up the role that been in there for almost a year!

The people are at that delicate stage of growth... 8 and 9 years old. Needless to say, they were having a time meeting the height requirements for most of the 'oh Mommy can we go on that' rides.
The oldest of the People is tall enough for the "big kid" rides - however - she's a BIG CHICKEN. Meanwhile, the youngest of the People, who is fearless, is about 2 inches too short to get on the 'big kid' rides.. so that didn't go over so well.

After some time, we were able to make the People happy with the selection of rides they could choose from. Although the youngest, OMG how she wanted on this ride called "StarBlaster"

Which could easily hold a title like "Short Drop/Sudden Stop" or "Heart Failure". For anyone who can't imagine this ride.. it takes you up so high in the air and then you just DROP.. free-fall for a period then kind of bungee bounce until the ride is over. Not for me... but the littlest People wanted it more than anything else in the park!

The 'kiddie alternative' bored them both to almost tears..

The 'chicken' and the 'daredevil' both said (almost in harmony) "Mommy, that was a BABY RIDE!!)
They then spent the next half hour on

which was actually a cute ride that went forwards- bouncing along as if on a wave in the ocean.. then backwards... up and down.. down and up.. bounce bounce bounce...

The People just kept getting off the ride, running back around to the line and getting back on. I've never seen them so intent on something!! Wish I could get them that fixated on cleaning their bedrooms..

UNfortunately, this would be the last ride they were able to get on..
as.. the People BROKE the park..
nah.. just kidding..

but at about 3:30 pm, the entire park and part of Salem, NH lost power!!!
People were just sitting around all over the place - bored, exhausted, heat-drained, losing their adrenaline rushes...
then over the loud-speaker came the news..

"Because of the uncertainty of when power will be restored, Canobie Lake Park will be closing for the day."

Ugh... UNhappy people returned to the car to sit in 45 mins of unorganized chaos to leave the parking lot.

I returned home and collapsed on the couch..
I just got up now.. okay.. kidding?


We did get a 'free day pass' to return, so who knows, maybe there will be another Canobie Lake Park day in the very near future!
I know the People will LOVE that!


Vicki said...

oh dear how manny kilo have you loose????????? smile.
when I read this I say high thanks lord my children are old,they go self to tivoli.
I have so bad balance. when the children was small.And they will drive karusell.I alltime must hunt after sameone there can drive whid them.So everytime I must buy two tickets.One for the girl,and one to the person there drive whid them.
But I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy If I have a chans dont drive karusell,so I pay whid warm heart
hope the children have a fun day and not keel you

Kerri said...

Oh looks like the girls had so much fun!
nice family outing

Debi said...

sounds like you had a day of excitement...but, who else would have the luck of the park closing?? LOL (just kidding) Hope you, hubs and the girls had fun :-)

Sandy said...

sounds like everyone had a great time, too bad it was cut short.

Karen said...

Sounds like a great day...before power went off LOL

Goth said...

Power outage aside, it sounds like a good trip! Hubby n I are planning to take the kids to the "local" zoo this coming week... that's the extent of our adventuring!! Mamma doesn't do crowds!! I think the Starblaster would have been FUN way back when, but oh hell no now! LOL!!! Rest your tired tootsies and reeeeeeeeeeeelax!

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