Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crocheting Tips & Tricks from K4TT

I can't begin to count the number of times I have finished a second doll arm or foot, only to find it is slightly smaller than the first.

It's not hard at all to do! Your hand will naturally begin to fatigue as you work and thus, pull stitches tighter; creating a 'smaller' finished item.

One simple and effective way to making pairs more identical, is to start both at the same time. Working a few rows on one and then on the other until both are completed.
You can compare sizes often and easily maintain accurate gauge.


Terri said...

Wow thanks for the good tip, that happens to me a lot, I have some ami's that have one foot bigger than the other.
I just made 2 monkeys from the same pattern and the boy monkey's head is bigger than the girls, not that its a big deal, I was rather puzzled since I used the same hook!!!!

Heather said...

Great tip, I have this alot to, and my problem is even 3 or 4 hours into a project I know my hand is hurting and feeling tired, but I try to keep going..LOL This is a good tip, and it will be like getting 2 done at once..:) :)

Margaret said...

Once again I learned something new that I didn't know. Thanks for the tip.

hook2crochet said...

K4TT thanks so much for the tip. I agree with you margaret, there is always something new to learn everyday.

Debi said...

thanks for the great tip K4TT :-)

Raven said...

K4TT so smart!!! Thanks for sharing this useful bit of info!!

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