Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Illness, The Old Man and Me

Thank you all so much for all your kind words and prayers.
I assure you that I am o'kay. (Health and Mental)
The stress that I am feeling is not from the 'loss' per se, but more from trying to be there for my MIL and Hubby.

My little bought of 'depression' has semi-passed... it has it's moments of creeping back in, mostly when I am tired... which seems to be more times than not here lately.
But I have been keeping my mind and hands VERY busy.

The news on FIL's sister is that she did pass at around 1:30am (this morning) and that FIL's brother was on his way to see Pop when I spoke with my MIL at around 11:30 today.
Then Pop will find out his sister has passed.

Although these are probably the last few days Pop has left (and since my son will be returning home to his Father on tomorrow) Hubby and I made the tough decision to NOT go see the old man as a family.  Hubby will go over tonight for a little while - but the kids, no.
He did not feel strong enough to go to dialysis today and he's still 'leaking' which has caused the home health nurse to put on some type of bag so that he doesn't feel wet.
Of course the major concerns at this point are how he will take the news of his sister's passing, keeping the risk of infection (from the dialysis port AND the hole in in stomach to remove fluids) to a minimum and the fact that it will be a total of 4 days between dialysis treatments (assuming he does go on Monday - his usual dialysis schedule is Mon-Wed-Fri)
Here's the old man...  (My FIL & MIL)


Well, my son leaves tomorrow.. so chaos here today..


Margaret said...

Hi Katt: They say into each life a little rain must fall but you have had a thunderstorm go through yours. I pray that you can find peace and that your life will be a little less stressful.

Terri said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rose said...

hang in there! HUGGGGGGGSSSSSSS and prayers

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