Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You!

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings and wishes I received.

The best birthday present in the world is to be remembered by wonderful friends and family, like you!

Today was pretty quiet.
I did the norm...
Took care of the old man, played with the kids, cleaned and tried to find time to do a little hooking.
D had to work until 7 this morning, then had to go back in at 4pm... (we had to stay "quiet" to allow him to get some sleep before going back in on 'Storm Duty' for the night) ... lol
D wants to try to celebrate my birthday this weekend... Mother Nature - pfft!

I wanted to be able to share with you some photos that I got back on Saturday...

The photo above, I actually took back in November/December of 2007.

And it's not nearly as... ummm... obscene as it may first appear.

It's just a little ole' doggie bone.
It was originally intended as a toy for a friend's small dog... but once I completed it, I became concerned about it's weight.
The amount of polyfil needed to fill out it's shape actually made the piece quite heavy. Well, a Toy Poodle or Border Collie wouldn't have had issues; but the TeacupTerrier it was intended for ... well, let's just say, I think the bone could have easily out-weighed the dog. *giggle*

I will reattempt this project using thread and see how that does.

So there it sat there on my WIPFIS (work in progress / finished items shelf), until it was spied by another member of the family and quickly nabbed up...


Nope... the "Ox" didn't lay claim to it...
it may be a little surprising as to who actually did...


Uh huh... well he looks content.. and you see the claws?!??
You want to tell him it wasn't meant for him?


YarnOwl said...

Hope you had a great Birthday, and that kitty of yours is adorable!

Harriet said...

Happy birthday from me too ;O), hope you have a greate day.

Cathy said...

I am so glad you had a happy birthday and that the celebrations will continue.
That is one demon cat, I would let him have whatever he wants whenever he wants it! Cute bone - I won't even go *near* the work in progress pic. lol

Corla said...

Happy Birthday K4TT!!!!
I hope you have a nice party and yes that did look like something else until you put the other balls on the end LOL!!!!!
I love the pics of your kitty and he really does seem to like the bone. I would not want to mess with that kitty and his bone, with those red eyes he looks kinda mean.

BearRich said...

Me thinks he is having an identity crisis! LOL!!

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