Thursday, March 20, 2008

Someone Get's a Name (and a dress)

Can you believe that April is almost upon us? ¼ the year already gone and I've found myself falling behind (already) for the 2008 Holiday Season.
Yes, I'm still in Christmas mode, it's where I pretty much stay all year round.
But gearing up for a craft fair isn't something that just happens overnight oOo it takes MONTHS of preparation!

That is not to say that I haven't been getting projects done over the past 3 months. Let's just say that April & May of 2007, must have been very ... loving months.
So far, I've completed 6 baby gifts and need only to finish up the blanket of a 7th.
The Lineman Doll (OOAK) and Baby Draco are both original patterns created by yours truly.
Wouldn't you know it, The Lineman Doll is now a 'One Of A Kind' because I cannot seem to find my notes, which have probably become the background for some artsy image one of the girls has created. **I just need to type up my notes on Baby Draco.

And currently, I am working on Neleg (neh-leg); (which in Elvish means 'tooth').
She will be going to an incredibly gifted, very special man in my life; more importantly, in my daughter's lives.
No No No.. not that man..
their dentist!
While he's only just graduated dental school, he's got a chair-side manner that puts the kiddos immediately at ease. I've never seen anything like it.
Whether it's his voice or his 'way' with them, they actually want to go see the most feared of all 'childhood villains' .... 'The Dentist'
Hmm, I wonder if I can get him to get them to clean their rooms?

I will post photos of her as she nears completion.
I need to have her completed within the next 4 days.

Right now, the poor lady is bald, nakkid with only ¾ of a dress complete and an unlined pocketbook. But I am on a mission.



teecee said...

Hey K4TT,
You're not alone, instead of me doing my Christmas projects now like I told myself I was going to do, I've gotten so sidetracked that I may as well use what I'm doing now as Christmas presents. I had intended on doing my tree in Victorian thread deco, but I haven't use a steel hook in so long I know it will feel like a foreign object.
Have a good day.

Sherry said...

Wow K4TT, I didn't know you created the lineman doll pattern. You are so talented! I would never be able to make a pattern.

Corla said...

I can't wait to see her K4TT. You have been very busy. Keep up the great work and blogs. We love them. Hoping you and the family have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!! Hugs

Pat said...

I sure hope your notes turn up so you can make more. One lineman doll is a lonesome thing. As for Christmas projects -- This year I think I am stuck in reverse. Usually I am chugging right along on Christmas but this year is a different story. I only have 5 stockings done for the elderly home. That is all. I guess it is better than nothing.
Kids like going to the dentist???? WOW!! Sounds like a keeper to me.

grandmasandy10 said...

wow you are one busy, talented lady

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