Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little Lineman Doll & Baby Blanket

Well I've finally finished up the little lineman doll and baby blanket. The little one was generous enough to allow me to borrow one of her dollies so that I could get the visual effect of a newborn baby with the items. He'll be making the trek to his new home on Monday when the Hub is finally well enough to return to work.

While I wasn't completely happy with the facial features, I think that is in part because I wanted to go with flat features and the Hub wanted a more comical look to the doll.
He was given blue eyes and the color scheme matches the colors of National Grid (the denim/navy blue, the bright orange of their coveralls and of course white). Although the harness is usually made of leather, I chose to stitch it in the orange rather than throwing in yet another color.

I was going to add the spikes to the boot, but decided against it as this is a baby's toy and not a 'knick knack'.

I've already got request to do him smaller, perhaps in thread, for some of the 'older kids' at National Grid. (This one was about 8.5 inches high)