Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

I have really, REALLY been surprised in the past few days at the sheer number of posts I have read from hobbyists, working with fiber, who allow their furry children around their works in progress. 
and even worse - taking to social media and complaining about an infestation issue they are having within their homes.
Then weeks later, these same people are complaining about low sales or having a clearance sale to move inventory - because nothing is selling.

Would YOU purchase an item from a home that has bedbugs?  fleas?  ants? lice?  or would you just be a tad concerned that you may get a hitchhiker along for the ride on the item that you have just purchased?

If you are only making items for your family and friends - then yes, the chances are that 'they' would already know about Fido bringing fleas into the home.  They would know that Fluffy thinks that fuzzy skein of yarn is just aces to sleep on.. whether it is in use or not.  These are family members who know and most likely support your furry children as well as your crafting endeavors, but ... you are also (most likely) not charging them at all - or not nearly what you are listing items for online.

Perhaps I have set a bad example.  Some of the photos that I have shared on social media do happen to have one of my furry beasties in it.  There was my Moose with his Moose in one - there was the Cat in my lap and the cat on the keys... 
but NONE of these items were for sale!  My original models ALWAYS go to the copyright office - well except for the ones who are stolen by said beastie.  What is photographed never sees anything more than a box and a storage shelf or the inside of a dog jowl.
I can afford to be more 'playful' with my photos because I am not making a finished item to sell to the public. 

When I do crochet pieces for charity or for sale - these items are always completed in what I refer to as the 'studio' .. this is the one room of the house which does not see animals often (it's in the basement by the laundry) and when I am in there, absolutely no one with fur or dander (and occasionally, the no one with questions or food either)  are granted access to my studio.  
Although primarily I design patterns - my finished items also say something about my work.  My WIPs, I make for sale, always have their own sealed bag to store in, are packaged (in many instances) immediately after finishing and photoshoot - to insure that when I advertise the item, it will be dust free, hair/dander free and ready to go upon it's sale.

Always remember that when you are treating your hobby as a business - your customers are expecting 'business quality' in all aspects.  While dog hair on a doll may be just a minor inconvenience to you - quickly brushed off... like 90% of your furniture, clothing and everything else in your home (we do love our beasties!) - to your BUYER, it's 'dirty'.
While a bit of cathair on that afghan is just a well loved 'comfy seat' seal of approval to you, to someone with a cat allergy, it's an annoyance that they paid to receive!  Smokers (and I am one of them) need to remember to wash those hands each and everytime you pick up that yarn to work (I have never smoked in the house - BUT, that smell can stick in your clothing and your fingers.. the same fingers that your yarn is filing through to make an item!) and reformed smokers as well as non-smokers can smell the faintest whiff of burnt nicotine on any fabric made item.

I am not trying to be preachy and I truly hope it doesn't come across that way.  I am merely trying to help point out that some really crafty people are shooting themselves (and their business) in the foot because they are turning potential clientele off, with seemingly harmless posts and rants - that in reality, most likely, doesn't reflect their work.


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Melissa Graham said...

Let me just say EWWW. I'm with you. If you have this going on I don't want to know about it because I will run the other way for sure.

storybookfelts at gmail dot com

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