Saturday, June 20, 2015

40 yrs Later - A Great White Anniversary

I've always been terrified of water I cannot see the bottom of - ocean, lakes, rivers.. I, personally, like to see with whom I am swimming - anyone who's ever seen what a sea worm (rag worms or bobbit worms) looks like up close, can appreciate my queasy feeling... and that's not even casting a thought to the man-made uglies lurking in the dark waters...
Nope, I stick to swimming pools. :P

But I've always admired and appreciated the ocean's - as well as, nature's beauty; including Great White Sharks.  

I was almost 5, when Jaws was released in theaters - but it wasn't until a few years later that my fear of dark waters, was given an 'excuse' - the Great White Shark - specifically Jaws!  (and to anyone who asked "don't you want to go in the ocean?" just humming the opening Jaws theme was enough to answer and avoid the adult 'encouragements' to overcome my fears.)  
Ah, yes, you can say, I have owed a debt to that big beastie for most of my life - without ever truly 'fearing' the fish itself.   

Although it's not "Shark Week", which is usually when I remind you about Chum, the Great White Shark from the FDbyK4TT Library of patterns - the 40th Anniversary (June 20th, 2015) of the 1 film that kept so many ON the beach and out of in the water, is the perfect time to re-share Chum with you.

Unlike his dastardly 2nd cousin (twice removed), Chum is just as sweet as can be and loves to cuddle, watch cartoons and is completely vegan! 
Following instructions and materials from pattern will produce a 12 inch (in length) cutie to help celebrate the wonders of the ocean and it's beautiful inhabitants.

A creative and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the ocean, appreciates the beauty of the ocean of just loves sharks.


Katt's Note:

Before I begin to receive the "PC eMails" about recent news events regarding shark attacks and how incentive promoting "sharks" is; these big fish are truly magnificent beasties and NOT monsters.  
Do you blame the lion for his attack of the prey in his territory?  Or raptor (eagle, owl or hawk) that swoops the cute bunny from your yard?  Most shark attacks on humans are not predatory in nature - but when you've got approximately 288 saw blades in your mouth (48 teeth you see, and 4-5 rows of 'developing teeth' that you don't see) - even the slightest investigatory grab, is going to leave a mark.  
These magnificent leftovers of a time that we've never known and even forgotten, deserve our respect, not our ignorance and fear.  The Great White Shark isn't acting upon prejudice or malice (although could you truly blame him, with how we pollute his waters and poison his food sources, if he were?),  these beautiful creatures are just 'doing what they do' in their own environment - and WE humans are the intruders into their home.

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