Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oh What a Beautiful Sight..

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight in your life??
Well, okay, yeah... there's family - the birth of a child.. the first bloom of Spring, the sweet face of a baby animal...  I get it...
but as a designer, this sight ranks right up there.. it's definitely (well, probably) in the Top 10....20... 50 - definitely Top 100.

Yeah, well this time I was especially excited to see the "Oop's Truck" (as the people used to call it),  since I ran out of Polyfil and wouldn't be able to get to the store until the weekend (and it's not like it's entirely my fault, half of my studio is still packed away in boxes) 
... and of course, I was awaiting some new yarn colors.  I do get really excited about 'new' colors... is that weird?

Yarn deliveries always make me smile!  The Hub keeps telling me he is going to buy stock in Red Heart and Bernat, at the rate I use them up :)  He also said this Halloween he was going to charge the neighborhood kids admission to "FiberDoodle's Laboratory of Pain" - where heads, bodies and severed limbs can be found among the bookshelves, stands, baskets, chairs and workstation ... yeah.. he's funny... not-so-much!

In all seriousness, I don’t know how other crochet designers do it, but sometimes, I have to take something apart many times before I finally achieve the look I am aiming for - I don't think too many "designers" create a flawless design on the first try every time they pick up their hook - I may be wrong, but that level of perfection is akin to "Crochet God"
I, however, will try something one way for a few hours, decide I don't like it, unravel it, try it again, unravel it again - walk away, pout, tantrum, calm down and then start all over again.   
and then, sometimes, I just chuck it in the waste bin and start over from scratch a year or two later...

Many times, what looks so mind-blowingly perfect, in the moment; doesn't live up to my visual standards 24 hours later. (24 hours is my personal 'aesthetic test' - I set completed projects aside and out of sight for 24 hours, if I still am pleased with the result after that; off it goes to an associate for testing!)
While the end result (hopefully) appears streamlined and simple for you, the crocheter; you’ll never really hear about just how many hours went into deciding how big or small to make a feature, what features were needed or even what shape the project should be; or just how much yarn is chewed up and spat back out,for something that will take you less than 7oz of any one color and only a few hours to make.

Yup, sometimes, after working on a new pattern/project for 2 or 3 days, I still end up with a pile of unraveled yarn, and a nothing to show for it.. except an ever growing pile of unraveled yarn.

So how much yarn do you think I go through in a typical month? 

Well, on a good month, I purchase between 8-16 skeins of yarn a weekend (shh don't tell the hub!)  That doesn't mean I use all those skeins.. but sometimes you really just can't walk away from a good 'deal' on clearance yarns or that 'new color' sitting there, just released, in all it's .. ohh-what-can-I-make-with-that? glory...  ... or 1 of 700 different other reasons.  :)

I am a very visual person... and about 2 years ago, I began saving the yarn wrappers from my yearly yarn usage from January until December (this helps with inventory for the year.)

So, so far this year?

Ohh!! Did you hear that??  That was my knitting friends, letting out their anguished cries of scratchy pain, just seeing all those Red Heart labels!  *grin*

I placed a Boye size H crochet hook in the middle of the second photo taken, so you can gain a truer perspective on the mass of labels that I have used since January of this year on "designing"... and that is with 3 months of Summer vaycay..  
for those 'counting' there's over 230 skein wrappers there.. and that is not counting my 'other brand usage'.. hee hee..

Told you I have a "supportive man in my life".  But, yeah, I am beginning to think he should buy stock too!