Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello Fall! Time to Get Back to Work!

It's Fall and I have to admit, I truly love this weather.
Perhaps it is due more to coming off a hot summer.  The cool air of fall somehow seems to forgive the lazy days of summer and generates a feeling of crisp rejuvenated exhilaration.. 
... or perhaps, it's simply because it means that SNOW and the holidays will soon be here..
Either way, as my associate recently remarked, I often go on 'creative overload' during the fall months!  And that has certainly happened again this year.

As many already know, I began taking the summers off about 2 years ago.  The heat and the humidity of working with yarn is often annoying enough - but to try and design in those conditions are completely frustrating!  

So I get the bulk of my charity works done during July & August - which gives me more freedoms (theoretically) to design during the fall and winter months, when it's cool.
The hopes for this year are to release a new pattern (at least) every Tuesday during the months of October and November.  
Well, at least that is the hopes currently.

Recently released (Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014)  the ADD-ON pattern for Baby's First Plushie - Teddy

This quick little add-on will transform an already adorable bear into your child's favorite storybook character.  This is not a stand alone pattern.  You need to have the Baby's First Plushie - Teddy in your collection before being able to benefit from this add-on.

Purchase Baby's First Plushie - Teddy and the Baby's First Plushie - Storytime Tribute on

Also, as September drew to a close, FiberDoodles by K4TT, (as some many have already discovered) relaunched it's Facebook page! 
It is the hopes that by using Facebook, rather than blog or forum, I will be able to interact with you more quickly and get to know my clients on a more personal level.  
If you have a Facebook account, stop by and 'like' the FiberDoodles by K4TT page.