Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Can't Eat That!!

Although I know a few kids, when I was younger, that would have had no problem diving right in and munching away on crayons ... or paste...  or pencils...
hee hee..

The school was very much surprised this morning when this arrived at their front desk.  Although the school and I have had our differences over education plans; overall, I admire the principle and the front office staff... and wanted to do something special for the first day back...
and besides,  I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!..
everything all new and clean and unused...

So this past weekend, while picking up the last minute needs and forgotten tidbits for my youngest's last year at her current school, we decided to make a cake...  as a sort of 'thank you' and farewell...

I am sure the school can put to good use all of the items contained within..
which includes:

6 Boxes of Puffs Facial Tissues (1st tier base)
10 Boxes of 24ct Crayola Crayons  (1st tier)
20 Blue Ball Point Bic Pens (1st tier)
8 Red Ball Point Bic Pens (1st tier)
2 Pks 4X6 Lined Index Cards (1st tier)
50  Eraser Caps (1st tier)
10 Bottles of Elmers Glue  (1st & 2nd tiers)
1 Styrofoam Diorama (2nd tier base)
22 Elmers Glue Sticks (2nd tier)
1 Box of White Chalk (2nd tier)
10 Solar Calculators (2nd & 3rd tiers)
3 Pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (3rd tier base)
6 Spiral Notepads (3rd tier)
4 Pairs Safety Scissors (3rd tier)
5 Boxes of Crayola Thin Markers (3rd tier)
5 Boxes of Crayola Fat Markers (3rd tier)
5 Boxes of Crayola Colored Pencils (3rd tier)
5 Boxes of Rose Art Colored Pencils (3rd tier)
6 12 inch rulers (3rd tier)
10 No2 Pencils  (3rd tier)
2 Purell Gel Hand Sanitizer Pumps (4th tier base)
12 Individual Kleenex Pocket Packs (1st & 4th tier)

There might be more (I forget and I didn't take photos from all angles), but you get the idea..
Back 2 School Supplies Cakes are just like the "Diaper Cakes" only with.. *drum roll please*... back to school items...
Schools love them!  Teachers love them!
The above is what was included in this particular B2S Cake to give you ideas for your own (where to start at least) - but you could be classroom specific (Science, Reading, Math, etc) , themed event (Holiday, School Party or Dance theme, etc)  or just general as was done here..
things like paper towels, which was not included in this cake, facial tissues, wipes and hand sanitizers are always needed at schools for both classroom and general needs.

**Important to remember... the weight factor!!  This 'cake' weighed between 25 and 30lbs once completed.. you will want to select a platform that is able to sufficiently support your cake.  Start wide and work narrow - lifting the entire platform occasionally to ensure stability and transportability.

Apologies for the grainy photos, I took them last night without benefit of flash.. and didn't think to check the images before delivering the cake!!  
It was the first time using this particular setting on my camera..

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Super cool! I love it!

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