Monday, September 30, 2013

Etsy? Whats Up?

I've gotten a few questions in recent weeks about the FiberDoodles by K4TT on

Well without dragging all my unsuspecting clients into the drama - I mean, you want to crochet.. not gossip right?! 

Many sellers have long since grown tired of etsy's policies with regard to 'non-homemade' sellers - it's not eBay after all!  But you can purchase things such as "Dial Deodorant" on (which can also be purchased in you local WalMart or 7-11 Convenience Store) - there's nothing remotely homemade about a stick of deodorant which has been purchased in bulk and being resold.  While others, who perhaps work together as a "team" (Mother, Daughter, Siblings, etc) have had it demanded of them, to present photos of their "studios" and perhaps trademark secrets - to establish their products as "homemade"... only to be shut down anyway because "Etsy feels as if they could not possibly produce as many items as they have, without benefit of machine."  Wait... WHAT?!?!

Recently gave it's vendors the ULTIMATE slap in the face... and for many it's the last straw...
I received the following eMail yesterday - 11 Sept 2013 (eMail in part)

"Overwhelming Influx".. Umm.. I am NOT surprised!!

and then, a week later - 18 Sept 2013:

Etsy charges quite a bit more for sellers to be allowed to market their products on their servers, and well, they recently did do ALOT of advertising on television and print and opened the market to people who didn't know of it's existence.. but then, got greedy...
Sellers, while the backbone of places like, have long since become an 'after thought' - our concerns are either pacified with patronizing answers or simply ignored all together... in an attempt to gain IPO status (that means play on the stock exchange .. like Facebook)

Etsy became more concerned with getting the buyers in the door and developing a portfolio which the public would want to invest in - and of course, getting their cut of a profit along the way - which is great business & what you'd expect..
but you better hope you have some vendors there waiting with things people want...

While FiberDoodles by K4TT will maintain it's storefront on - the inventory of patterns is being reduced and will be phased out all together - either by sale or expiration.  I have not relisted any product since August 31 2013 and until Etsy comes to it's senses, will not list anything but finished, completed items on their servers - which should begin in January 2014 if at all.  Etsy's decision to go full board with allowing 're-sales' (items such as deodorant and bulk store goods); really doesn't help the handmade artisan sell their wares.  After all, something that can be produced on a machine by the thousands and sold at pennies above cost, really doesn't make a homemade item seem 'worth it'.

While I understand that many have become used to and have grown comfortable with using it's storefront and the decision to 'move' creates an inconvenience; I promise you that there are quite a few venues which are just as easy to navigate.  We are hoping that this inconvenience is only a temporary issue - and many, MANY artisans are in the same position FDbyK4TT finds itself in. 
Please be sure to update your bookmarks, should you wish to continue to follow FiberDoodles by K4TT's newest patterns and updates.  

INSTANT DOWNLOADS:  (provided PayPal views your account has a 'confirmed shipping address') 
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FDbyK4TT Patterns on

If you enjoy the thrill of opening up your eMail and finding your pattern waiting for you (like - or those patterns which are too new for "Instant Downloads" there is:
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FiberDoodles by K4TT continues to explore different venues which have been created for homemade artisans and you will know the official storefonts, as they will be listed in the upper left-hand corner of this blog (just as they are now).

Of course ALL of my patterns are ALWAYS right here on my blog under the appropriate headings at the top of the Page.  For Sale: KISS Series & For Sale:  Amigurumi

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Thanks, Katt! We look forward to seeing your continued creative
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