Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Out of My Depths...

So .. I have an admission to make...
most 'gamers' are of the male persuasion... but, not in this household.

My 12 year old daughter knows more about Halo, Minecraft and Call of Duty .. than she does about clothing, makeup and boys.  
Well, she gets it honestly - her dad has graced the pages of more than a few "Gaming Magazines" in his time..

So, when she asked me to make her a "Hunter" doll.. I have to admit that I was just OUT of MY COMFORT Zone...

Left 4 Dead - "Hunter"
WallPaper by chitototoy
but... I knew just who to turn to...
My very dear and close friend Erin Scull of Erin's Toys
Erin and I have been close since she bought her first crochet pattern from FiberDoodles in early 2010 - so it only seemed natural to ask 'Auntie Erin' if she could create a FanArt doll (since she is so fabulous at it), of this ... er umm..  thing.

and she did!!

Yeah, I know... he is SOOO much cuter than the original... but it's Amigurumi..
and as FiberDoodles found out very early; even Piddle and Poo (Number 1 & Number 2) could be adorable, in Amigurumi.

The Zombie Hunter Pattern is available in her shop as well as her shop for a modest $3.95USD

Thank you Erin.  My little gamer LOVES her Hunter.. 
and I love you for taking the time to fulfill her wishes!


Entwined Essentials said...


Erin said...

Why thank you! :D I'm very honored that you asked me and it made my day to make a wonderful girl happy! :D


>:) Hugs!

Southern Sewing Mama said...

Ohhh!! Too cute!! Now my gamer chick in training wants one. If you come up with a Halo Master Cheif pattern I want it!!! Since we are Halo addicts and Call of Duty and any Zombie games you can think of!!! I will so be getting this pattern!! Awesome job Erin!!!! Love it!!!

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