Friday, August 24, 2012

Off-Topic: Showing Off

Just about everyone who knows me, knows of my love for animals - especially cats (gee, what gave it away?)  And many of you who've followed me for the past few years have gotten, at various points, to see my beloved 'zoo'...
2 of my cats (the large Chocolate Point male Nui, and my daughter's Muffin (Sneeze)) refused to cooperate...
But the rest of the felines were more than happy to oblige a photo shoot - so I am showing them off.

Penelope - one of the many kitties I have rescued in my lifetime (much of which was to my mother's dislike - since I would bring them home, unbeknownst to her, and she would either find them in my bedroom or begin to have issues with breathing - she was allergic to cat hair).  I've had her for nearly 14 years now.  Lady P, as we call her, only had 6 months to live,due to her "weight issues" and a "heart defect"... that was 6 years ago.  :)    She is the feline matriarch in the house - nothing gets done without the say-so of Lady P.

Mushu - a Blue Point Siamese kitty queen - well, at least she was until 2 years ago when we had her surgically altered.  Now she is the princess of the household.  And yes, it is very true, at least with her, all the rumors you hear of talkative Siamese.  She talks sometimes, just to hear herself.

and then there is my handsome boy Buddha.  Buddha is my side-kick... literally. There is no place in my home which I can go and he is not right by my side within minutes.  Usually lying around waiting for me to scratch his 'Buddha Belly'.

Chui is the youngest of the bunch.  Just a baby and a camera hog!  He's always been that way.  Some of you might remember him from his baby picture..

Yeah, he's still (almost) as cute and definitely still thinking he's the boss!

But, we cannot forget the Canines which call us "Family".. Daddy's fur-kids.

Eris - the goddess of chaos and strife.  Yup.. that's our little girl!  She is such a trouble maker - terrorizing her big brother Max every chance she gets!  She's hitting the scales these days at about 120+ lbs, but unlike most females - she is admired for her rolls of fat and muscle.

The big brother Maximus bka "the Tank".  At a little over 18 months he's already 160+ pounds of muscle, love and of course..  drool - which would be fine... if he didn't think he was a little 5 lb lap dog.   
Both Eris and Max are Ultimate Mastiffs (cross between the de Bordeaux and the Neapolitan).  
Some of you might remember him, he's the little terror who had us running back and forth to the Animal Hospital earlier this year when he decided he was big enough to take on the "Big Dog"

 and of course, last but not certainly not least - The Hooch - "the Big Dog"

and as gentle as a lamb.  Hooch is a registered AKC Bull Mastiff as well as being a certified "Assistance Animal" for my eldest daughter.  Here, this big lump is lying in my daughter's bed with his 'mortal enemy'... the "cat"; so we can all see just how ferocious he is.
the Hooch, is nearing 8 years old, he's the old man of the house now.  He's more apt to be lounging with the kitty and taking in a bone, than rough-housing with his distant relations.

Well, that, is pretty much the animal kingdom currently.  With the acquisition of several acres, we may open up a rescue for cats - course the Hub doesn't know this yet... but I am sure my feline family will grow and hopefully, my children will continue in my pawprints after I am gone.


Brenda said...

I love Penelope. She reminds me of my Sadie. She looks so happy. Love all your furrbabies! Thnx for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i want the little kitty!!

Erin Toy Store Erin Scull said...

AHHHH!!! I love them ALL!!!


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