Monday, August 27, 2012

I Just HAD to Share..

There are few things more enjoyable to me, than seeing client's finished doodles!
Many times, they BLOW ME AWAY with their creativity.  
I always find it such a privileged to be able to look through the eyes of my clients and see how they see my doodles.

Here are the 2 most recent little lovelies!
Mitzy the Mouse was born August 2012.  She is truly an original!  With her adorable little pink bows to the gentle curls of her hair.  I instantly fell in love - I think the Miz would too!!

aww... look, I made her blush :)

and then, there was  Miek's version of Pulp, the Pumpkin - which reminds us of that old saying "less is more".

She says she wants to "fix" the eyes - 
how on Earth do you fix perfection?!!

Lovely job ladies.  Thank you so much for sharing your work!

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Hazel said...

Aww. these are so cute!! and i completely agree, the eyes are adorable.. nothing to change.


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