Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day - How Green Did You Get?

I am one who thinks that "Earth Day" or "Earth Week" is getting just as commercial as Christmas or Valentines' Day.

Don't get me wrong!!  I try to live green DAILY - not just because it's the 'in thing' at the moment, but because it's the RIGHT thing to do to keep on living.

But now, it seems it's being packaged and marketed and.. well, I just don't know that it's a 'Good Thing'.  Whenever you 'market' something, you run the risk of desensitizing people to it's true meaning and importance.

How about this.. how about simply RESPECTING the place you call home?

We, the people of this Planet are RENTING..
we don't own this planet - we have no hand what-so-ever in it's creation.  We don't create it's mountains, it's lakes, it's continents or oceans.  We cannot control the weather or the seasons.. 
And from a 'selfish' stand-point that every single human on this planet SHOULD reflect upon for a moment - if we destroy this planet... WE HAVE NO PLACE ELSE TO GO.

But on a whole, we strive to destroy.  Not intentionally.. no
It would take someone really 'thick' to intentionally go about destroying the very thing that gives us life - but in our own ways, we take our planet for granted and thus - destroy it daily.  

Many people think you have to become some sort of extremist to 'go green'.
But it's simple.. really.

PAY YOUR BILLS ONLINE - save a tree, save the paper in the landfill.  We have the Internet, use it for something more than just surfing, chatting and emailing. Most banks have secure Online Bill Pay, if they don't have it - suggest they start it!

PICK UP THAT TRASH - Why walk by the bottle laying on the ground?  Would it really hurt you to take a minute and throw it in the trashcan which is probably right outside the door of the building your entering any how.  Get rid of the attitude that 'you didn't put it there'.  SO?  Do you like seeing the trash on the streets - that eventually makes it's way into the lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and injures, kills or pollutes??

USE ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY CLEANERS/MATERIALS/PRODUCTS - The cleaning, food and building industries have all finally realized that chemicals are BAD.  Nature and Organic has always been the best alternative - maybe not the cheapest.. but it's like they say "You get what you pay for".  You want 'cheap'?  It comes at a very high price in the long run - perhaps the ultimate price.

PLANT GREEN -  Trees and leaves of plants need the crap we breath out to survive, we need the 'crap' they consider waste to survive.  IT'S A WIN/WIN.. so plant something Green.

See?  Common Sense..
You don't have to go out of your way to be GREEN.  You don't have to inconvenience yourself with 'carpooling' - my God what are they thinking, you may actually have to have... *gasp* a conversation that doesn't involve a keyboard or electricity.

You just have to re-adjust your thinking and resolve yourself that YOU need to do it - not wait for it just to 'be done'.

Yes, the above is a T-Shirt I got today for Volunteer work with the Power Company 'National Grid'

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Erin's Toy Store said...

Wow! Very powerful. I truly hope your message gets to people. I have recently started recycling. I LOVE IT! I feel good.
I agree with everything you've said! Thank you for that. That was very inspiring.


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