Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day for Myself

Well, not so much a day to myself - but a day to recharge as I prepare to create my next design, which is planned on being the feline variety.
Most people do not realize the effort that goes into designing a pattern for others to work from.  It is very taxing, trying to make sure that you remember to dot every eye, close every closet door ('How to Make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich reference) and cross every "T".
And while I absolutely LOVE being able to share 'MY' visions with everyone - I also love to be able to sit back and just FOLLOW someone else's instruction.

Luisa of Picuu, from who I recently purchased a little Spring Time Trio, is an exciting designer full of imagination and unique interpretations. 
I have always loved her works and continue to watch her shop for the newest video game icons.. *hint hint* .. lol
But up until now, I had yet to actually make anything I had bought (or won) from her...

These two little rascals, who've already mistaken the dog as a potential mound of furry durt; have yet to receive names.. that should happen in about an hour.. when the people get home from school.  

But, yesterday, needing a little break - I showed the people these bunnies - asked them to pick their colors and then cleaned the kitchen.. ...  did the laundry... folded cloths... THEN sat down to begin working...
this little bunny is INCREDIBLY fast to make.. You could make one tonight in time for Easter Sunday if you so choose.  BOTH of these guys were completed and stitched together in ABOUT 8 hours.

Hey Lu :)

I finally made one.. or two .. lol


Laura Reavis said...

very cute! I love the color choices your people made :)

picuu said...

They look gorgeous sweetie!!! the colors look great, I'm glad you liked the Spring special :D hope your kids will love them too :)

Greenpixey said...

They are fab!

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