Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Down... One to Go

I am so very proud of myself.  Not only did I make my deadline for my daughter's teacher's Nappy Cake; but I also made 2 patterns for sale on etsy/ravelry.
Whoo Hoo.. so I should be feeling on top of the world.. ready to take a break and relax.  Hook a little something just for me... right???
Nope.. lol
Still SO MUCH TO DO!!! 
There are more patterns to create and another baby blanket to finish up. St Paddy's Day to get on to, Easter...

But first, onto the photos..
Although I wasn't *exactly* thrilled with the color scheme... the orange/yellow was okay.. but ugh!  green???
My daughter's teacher, God love her, and her Husband decided to be *surprised* by the sex of their upcoming bundle of joy.  I had been asking around trying to find out - Boy? or Girl? so that I COULD make her a Nappy Cake that was themed to the sex of the baby.
...  when she decided that she wasn't gonna find out herself, I was prepared to switch gears and make something with neutral colors along the lines of clothing. 

However.  My wonderful and often.. Megaphon-ic Daughter had already announced to the entire school that 'My Mommy is making a Nappy Cake for my teachers' baby... with REAL DIAPERS!!!'
(She just couldn't get over the words "cake" and "diaper" being in the same sentence and someone not screaming 'ewwwwwwwwwwww!')

The Deadline was Next Wednesday, when the kids are having their Valentine's Day Party.  BUT.. Hubby was injured at work on Friday and has been home for the past 3 days - so I thought I would take advantage of the 'transportation'. *grin*

The cake stood just a little over 2 feet tall and has 3 complete layers.  2 of which are made entirely of Pamper's Swaddler Diapers - 8-14lbs (so SMALL!) and was about 36 inches in diameter.
Most of the items on the cake are 'handmade' using various patterns from etsy and retail.

CreaMe's Duggie Duck pattern with french knot eyes and rattle
For those that care, You can hear the duckie quack.. er um.. rattle : here :

Gourmet Crochet's How to Make a Crochet Nappy Cake for edging on 2nd baby blanket.

Cheryl's Crochet's Lace-Up Baby Booties

and Chubby Cheek Sweaters Baby Sweater Coat is top tier of cake

The School Secretary's and Office Staff's eyeballs wow'd when I walked in the front door.  But, MOST IMPORTANTLY..
my little peanut... she was so proud!  She was actually coming up from the lunchroom while I was at the main desk and saw me with the cake.  She couldn't stop bragging.  Not only that 'her Mommy made' that, but that "she helped".

Those are the moments!


Diana Jiron Graff said...

what a beautiful idea and a beautiful cake!!! I have a baby shower coming up being thrown in my honor at some point.. not sure what my friends are planning, I would have died and gone to heaven if i received this ;)

Stacey said...

That is so cute! Love the duckie :)

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